Disaster Strikes India, Radio Is There.

Posted: August 29, 2017 at 10:21 pm

For untold people in India, Bangladesh and Nepal disaster has struck again as a result of torrential monsoon rains. Millions of people are affected by this disaster, and at least 900 people are known to have died*.
FEBC’s ministry partner First Response Radio has deployed its India team to Bihar and they’re on-air right now broadcasting critical information to the affected communities. Thanks to their previous training and equipping, FRR are broadcasting life-saving messages over AM and shortwave radio, and listeners are being helped this minute.

Here are five prayer points especially for the broadcasts. Could you share these with others? Your home-group?

  • Praise God for radio stations right in the middle of the affected area. Signals are strong and far reaching;
  • Pray that many will tune-in and be guided to medical and food supplies;
  • Pray for great uptake of hygiene and guidance announcements that teach people how to keep well;
  • Pray for the comfort that timely information provides – to decrease fear, increase hope, and enable a sense of control.
  • Pray for the India FRR team who are on the ground in Bihar and producing radio content locally.

Here’s what one listener said:
“I have listened to your program. We don’t have any media to communicate to anybody except radio. We appreciate the love and concern you have shown for us during this situation. Your people have taken an initiative to help us. People in our area are suffering from malaria and high grade fever, due to lot of mosquitos. Please guide us what we do as precaution. At present our house is totally destroyed and there is no pure water to drink.”
Madhu B. A listener in Sitamarhi Bihar

Floods leave devastation behind.     Photo by Tanveer Alam/AlJazeera.

FEBC New Zealand and First Response Radio

Every year FEBC NZ helps fund the ongoing ministry of First Response Radio. Before disaster strikes you can make sure that FRR teams in disaster prone places like India, Pakistan, Indonesia, and the Philippines, are trained and equipped, ready to deploy within hours!

When you support FEBC you contribute in advance to help in disasters just like this one. Please donate today by clicking the button below and choosing First Response Radio from the drop down menu.

Thank you.


NB: Donations today will fund training and equipping for the next disaster wherever it strikes. They will not be sent to India for this disaster.
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Japan Shaken But Radio Builds Up

Posted: April 20, 2016 at 5:10 pm

In the aftermath of Japan’s 7.3 magnitude quake, FEBC is bringing comfort to many.

The recent quake in Kyushu damaged many structures even though this nation is used to earthquakes and the building codes are very robust. One pastor friend of FEBC in Yufuin Church near Kumamoto, said: “Our 40 year old church building is no good for use at present. I need courage to go back to the manse, which is above the church, because we have many aftershocks. Still better than sleeping outside!”

Courtesy of BBC

Courtesy of BBC

Another pastor, Rev. Hiroshi Sumimoto, blogged to his fellowship – “Let us attend our worship service through FEBC.” Kuwamizu Church is near the center of Kuwamoto city and their building is also unusable now.

It remains too dangerous to meet inside.

It remains too dangerous to meet inside.

FEBC regularly visits churches and records their worship services to play on-air and broadcast to the many listeners who have never met a real Christian or set foot inside a Christian gathering. Interviewing pastors is another way to introduce some of Japan’s 120+ million Shinto and Buddhist population (97%) to genuine followers of Jesus.

As part of this approach FEBC had recently recorded a worship service at Kuwamizu church, and so when the latest earthquakes struck Pastor Sumimoto sent people to their radios for worship and teaching on Sunday 17th April.


Pastor Sumimoto already uses an FEBC link on his blog.

Please pray for Japan, for the church, and for FEBC’s broadcasts during these challenging weeks of recovery. Many people look for answers to life’s biggest questions during times like this. Pray for healing and recovery for the land, the people, and for hearts.

Japanese Listeners in NZ Can Tune-In

If you would like to tune-in to FEBC Japan, or if you know Japanese people who you’d like to encourage with our Christian programmes, please call our office for a bundle of International Listener Invite cards and programme guides. (Click the image above to go directly to the online streaming site). We’d love to send them to you absolutely free. Free-phone 0800 433 226  |  0800 4 FEBCNZ

Click here to Donate today. Thank you.



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First Response Radio Deployed in the Philippines.

Posted: October 20, 2015 at 10:45 am

TYPHOON KOPPU/LANDO is causing destruction in the Aurora Province of the Philippines, and FEBC’s partner First Response Radio has deployed to the area.


Local staff trained in First Response Radio come together, gather gear, and head out to disaster zones within hours of cyclones, typhoons, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes. As usual they are packing the studio-in-a-suitcase, a generator, and essential mast pieces to be erected on top of whatever still stands high in the affected area (this picture from a previous deployment.).

Cooperation is vital, and FRR are already working with OCHA (Office of Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs), OCD (Office of Civil Defence) and other NGOs to ensure every available kind of aid is offered and available to the people of Aurora. Radio plays its vital role of informing people of what to expect, advising them of health and medical care nearby, guiding them to food aid and supplies, and counselling through the losses and pain.

Please pray for the region, for the households and the lives turned upside down in this typhoon. Watch Facebook and Twitter for up to date news.

Psalm 5: 1-3

Listen to my words, Lord,
    consider my lament.
Hear my cry for help,
    my King and my God,
    for to you I pray.

In the morning, Lord, you hear my voice;
    in the morning I lay my requests before you
    and wait expectantly.

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Nepal Quake Update #6

Posted: May 15, 2015 at 5:04 pm

Disaster Response Radio is different to regular programming. Mike Adams and his team spent several days training the local media in Rasuwa (north central Nepal) to broadcast the critical information that people need, and in segments that help people the most. Announcing important news from the government, aid agencies, and local people all helps to keep people informed and hopeful as they try to recover. Mixing vital information along side easier listening messages is important, as is letting people share their experiences and encourage each other to keep going.

Communication is aid, and without it people don’t know where to go for help, food and medical supplies. They don’t know what to expect next, and they can make dangerous ill-informed decisions. In emergencies like this broadcasting seemingly simple tips on cooking, hygiene, keeping warm and first aid can save many lives. Traumatised people need compassionate voices to inspire them through.

Mike Adams trains Nepali broadcasters in emergency programming.

Mike Adams trains Nepali broadcasters in emergency programming.

Thank you for your prayers and donations. Please continue to pray for the numerous stations who are now on-air and providing vital information; for power supplies, generators and technology to work well and serve the nation as is so very needed; and for the people, the listeners across the nation whose lives have been turned upside down and who need loving voices to guide them through their recovery. Please visit our secure donations page to give a special gift.


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Nepal Quake Update #5

Posted: May 8, 2015 at 12:08 pm

Our First Response Radio team arrived in the northern region on Wednesday and Radio Rasuwa was back on air in one hour! Praise God for technology and skilled people. Mike and the team produced live and interactive programmes from an old table outside the damaged station building. This sparked much interest from the community who are thrilled to be back in touch with their own nation, and to know that the world cares.

The team expect to be there for 4 days, training local staff to use radio for humanitarian relief.

Thank you for your prayers and donations.


First Response Radio in Nepal broadcast from the street, to the streets!


FRR team find devastation in Rasuwa. But back on air in 1 hour!


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Nepal Quake Update #4

Posted: May 6, 2015 at 11:23 am

Our First Response Radio partners have been cooperating with aid agencies in Kathmandu and are now moving out to the northern district of Rasuwa (see map).

Reports say that all radio is off the air in that area so Mike Adams (FRR International Coordinator) and his South Asia team have been preparing portable broadcast equipment, tuning radios, and liaising with various aid organisations to coordinate the communication aid.

Please pray for all affected people, and for the Disaster Response Radio team (a.k.a. First Response Radio):

  • for safe and quick access to the worst affected areas in the north;
  • for a fast set up and success with all technical equipment;
  • for clear signals reaching far and wide;
  • for survivors to hear and be guided to shelter and provisions;
  • for survivors to be reconnected with government and aid agencies;
  • for the team functioning at 2000m elevation, to remain healthy and safe;
  • for other agencies delivering food and medicines effectively & efficiently;
  • for the effective coordination of all aid so that Nepalese people are rescued, healed, reconnected, and counselled with care.

To support Disaster Response Radio, please donate today.


Mike & team prepare the station-in-a-suitcase.



Nepali regions are assessed for damage and needs.



Numerous agencies coordinate their different kinds of aid.



Solar radios are charged and checked.


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Nepal Quake Update #3

Posted: May 1, 2015 at 1:23 am

Our partner First Response Radio is actively working with the humanitarian community in Nepal to serve the people and provide the best communication aid possible.

Thankfully numerous radio stations survived the quake so there are active frequencies available for First Response Radio broadcasting. In situations like this First Response Radio provides:

  • programming leadership,
  • on-the-spot training to station staff on how to change to a Disaster Response / First Response schedule;
  • solar powered & wind-up radio distribution;
  • mobile radio station equipment to set up in places where no broadcast facilities survived the disaster;
  • field equipment for remote recording and broadcasting.

While there are many radios and devices with FM capability in Nepal, as time goes by replacement batteries will become scarce (and electricity may be unreliable for weeks). At this moment FEBC is endeavouring to provide many solar-powered & wind-up radios to distribute in Nepal. Please pray that supplies like this will get through as soon as possible given the relative chaos and ‘traffic’ in Kathmandu at the moment.

Please continue to pray specifically for the broadcasts:

  • that people would be informed about vital supplies;
  • that people would be led to family and friends in hospitals and separated in the chaos;
  • that generators would work and signals would reach far and wide to communicate help and hope to all;
  • that people would hear how to help their community, and be comforted by this media connection;
  • that announcers offer the crucial info and the sensitive hopeful messages the nation needs right now.
Radio & mobile communications become life-savers in a disaster. (pic:courtesy CNN)

Radio & mobile communications become life-savers in a disaster. (pic:courtesy CNN)

Donate to Disaster Response Radio todaydonate-button-15

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