Disaster Strikes India, Radio Is There.

Posted: August 29, 2017 at 10:21 pm

For untold people in India, Bangladesh and Nepal disaster has struck again as a result of torrential monsoon rains. Millions of people are affected by this disaster, and at least 900 people are known to have died*.
FEBC’s ministry partner First Response Radio has deployed its India team to Bihar and they’re on-air right now broadcasting critical information to the affected communities. Thanks to their previous training and equipping, FRR are broadcasting life-saving messages over AM and shortwave radio, and listeners are being helped this minute.

Here are five prayer points especially for the broadcasts. Could you share these with others? Your home-group?

  • Praise God for radio stations right in the middle of the affected area. Signals are strong and far reaching;
  • Pray that many will tune-in and be guided to medical and food supplies;
  • Pray for great uptake of hygiene and guidance announcements that teach people how to keep well;
  • Pray for the comfort that timely information provides – to decrease fear, increase hope, and enable a sense of control.
  • Pray for the India FRR team who are on the ground in Bihar and producing radio content locally.

Here’s what one listener said:
“I have listened to your program. We don’t have any media to communicate to anybody except radio. We appreciate the love and concern you have shown for us during this situation. Your people have taken an initiative to help us. People in our area are suffering from malaria and high grade fever, due to lot of mosquitos. Please guide us what we do as precaution. At present our house is totally destroyed and there is no pure water to drink.”
Madhu B. A listener in Sitamarhi Bihar

Floods leave devastation behind.     Photo by Tanveer Alam/AlJazeera.

FEBC New Zealand and First Response Radio

Every year FEBC NZ helps fund the ongoing ministry of First Response Radio. Before disaster strikes you can make sure that FRR teams in disaster prone places like India, Pakistan, Indonesia, and the Philippines, are trained and equipped, ready to deploy within hours!

When you support FEBC you contribute in advance to help in disasters just like this one. Please donate today by clicking the button below and choosing First Response Radio from the drop down menu.

Thank you.


NB: Donations today will fund training and equipping for the next disaster wherever it strikes. They will not be sent to India for this disaster.
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Thank You Video from Ukraine

Posted: July 18, 2017 at 10:59 am

Eduard Kurylenko practiced his English for some time in order to send you this special message of thanks, from Kiev Ukraine.

This brief one-minute video is a sincere word of gratitude for your prayers and support. See behind the microphones and meet the real people who you support. They are very grateful to you, and so are their listeners.  

Click the video image below, and enjoy. 

Matt, Cass, and Caz.

FEBC New Zealand.

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FEBC New Zealand Grows Board Expertise

Posted: May 29, 2017 at 12:37 pm

FEBC New Zealand is delighted to announce the appointment of Jon Horne to its Board of Trustees, bringing years of financial and charity insight to the mission at a key time of growth.

After more than 20 years in commercial and NGO roles, including eight years as General Manager and Finance Director of TearFund, Jon’s calm personality and considerable experience is a key addition to the mission at a time of strategic growth and vision.

Jon Horne brings faithful expertise at a key time for FEBC.

FEBC New Zealand is following a strategic plan and enjoying a season of significant growth. Jon’s personal input and business acumen are welcomed as the governance team prayerfully look ahead and review funding management plans.

Jon says “I am really excited about joining a team so passionate about sharing the joy and love of God to so many, in such hard places to reach.”

Executive Director Matt Perry welcomes Jon’s appointment, adding “Jon could not have arrived at a better time. With our increased awareness around New Zealand and growth in supporters, alongside a complete review of our international contributions to stations, Jon’s faithful and wise input is crucial.”

FEBC stands for the Far East Broadcasting Company, and New Zealand contributes people, prayer, and funds for its broadcast partners around the world, from Cambodia to Ukraine. FEBC communicates Christ to the world by media, and is now available in 109 different languages and dialects.

For more information visit febc.nz/   

Board Chairman David Hammond  david@hammondrobertson.co.nz

Executive Director Matt Perry  0800 433 226 / 021 855 468

PO Box 21-010 Hamilton 3256, New Zealand.

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From Jerusalem to Mongolia

Posted: April 13, 2017 at 1:03 pm

This Easter FEBC Mongolia is broadcasting special programmes including Lee Strobel’s book “The Case for Christ” across the capital city and nine other provinces!

The events of that incredible Passover season will echo across Mongolia on our network of FM stations like WindFM in UlaanBaatar.

To celebrate and support this special Easter outreach FEBC New Zealand is giving away the beautiful print “Road to the Cross, Jerusalem” (below right) by New Zealand artist Graham Braddock, with donations of $150.00 or more.


Enjoy Jerusalem and support Christian broadcasting in Mongolia with a donation today. Thank you. You can make your donation and order your print by calling our office during normal office hours, freephone 0800 433 226  /  0800 4 FEBCNZ .  Or you can donate online and leave us a note in the Comments box on the donation page – “Please send me the Braddock print…”


When not airing special seasonal programmes, WindFM follows a programming pattern we call W.E.L.L.

Thank you.

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World Radio Day

Posted: February 13, 2017 at 4:45 pm

Happy World Radio Day!
Let’s use it to bless a nation.

OK so it’s not exactly like your birthday, and it’s far from Christmas, but World Radio Day is genuinely worth celebrating. It’s one small occasion on the calendar, and one great opportunity to bless a nation in a way only radio can.

World Radio Day is a UNESCO idea. For the Body of Christ this is a chance to celebrate the reach we have in telling people of God’s love. Please celebrate with us by praying especially for Muslim listeners today, and giving a one-off donation to one of our very discreet FEBC stations deep in a Muslim region of South East Asia. For security reasons we cannot name the station or country or promote its needs publicly, so we call it “Fox Hill FM.”

Fox Hill FM reaches out to families with Biblical values programmes, many are especially developed to benefit women, wives, and children.
A donation to Fox Hill FM will directly support the production of these life-giving programmes for the community.

Prayer: Please join us and pray that our listeners’ hearts would be like “good soil.” That they would have “ears to hear” and not just listen lightly, but really hear what God is saying. I recommend you read the Parable of the Sower in the Bible, and pray these things with hope. Luke 8:4-21

Fox Hill FM is one of the most popular stations in the city. It is the GoTo station for emergency information in the event of a natural disaster, and numerous organisations work with our team to bring practical, emotional, and spiritual guidance to our listeners. Please click below to make a donation.


You can read more about the official World Radio Day here.

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Posted: January 25, 2017 at 1:13 pm

We are looking for people to join our Trust board and help steer FEBC into the future. If you have experience in charity fundraising, love the Mission of God, and would enjoy contributing and working with others for the growth of this outstanding media mission, please make contact with us today.

FEBC has a strategic plan in place to 2020. We are looking for new trustees to help at the governance level with our fundraising planning, and our financial planning.

This is a volunteer role. Trustees meet face to face three times per year, and regularly on Skype for prayer and updates.

For a copy of our strategic plan and more information on FEBC, please email the Executive Director Matt Perry here  matthew@febc.nz  or call 0800 433 226

Expressions of interest should be sent to: David Hammond, FEBC Board Chairman, 20 Merrimana Drive, Thames 3500 or david@hammondrobertson.co.nz   

The Trustees celebrating 55 years of FEBC New Zealand. Clockwise from back left: David Hammond, Matt Perry, Kinnie Vermeulen, Lois Hockly, Irene Gabbie.

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Radio Crosses Boundaries & Borders – an interview with Matt Perry

Posted: October 5, 2016 at 12:48 pm

Matt Perry recently sat down with John Peachey at Radio Rhema, and had a friendly chat about some not-so-friendly places where radio is delivering hope. John asked Matt about the power of media broadcasting to overcome normal boundaries and get into places where people, and even the internet sometimes, cannot reach.

You can hear the full interview here by clicking the image below (19 minutes). We welcome any comments or questions you have about FEBC and media ministry.  See the link below the interview, to buy the very radios we smuggle into North Korea.





Author: Matthew Perry

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New Odessa Station Prepares to Broadcast Love!

Posted: September 23, 2016 at 12:01 pm

As FEBC builds a new FM station in the conflicted nation of Ukraine, Dr Victor Akhterov has sent a special Thank You message to FEBC New Zealand supporters.

Located on the Black Sea, the million-strong port city of Odessa reflects the duel nature of Ukraine’s current reality. It flourishes with art and passion rooted in Jewish charm and is home to many Russian and Ukrainian comedians. This cultural hub and third largest city in Ukraine has been called “A smile of God.”

However, it is also notoriously known as “Mother Odessa,” referring to its role as a long-standing capital of crime.

“As our country is going through the biggest challenge of our generation, we need the voice of reason, morality, and love in our city. FEBC is that voice. We need you here, friends.” – Tatyana, a young Christian in Odessa

Despite efforts by the Ukrainian president to combat a shocking amount of corruption and criminal activity, crime increased 30% last year and conflict grows daily, threatening the stability and progress of this beloved city.

Today, Odessa is wounded and terrified.

A protester walks past a burning pro-Russian tent camp near the trade union building in Odessa May 2, 2014. REUTERS/Yevgeny Volokin (UKRAINE - Tags: POLITICS CIVIL UNREST TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY)

A protester walks past a burning pro-Russian tent camp near the trade union building in Odessa May 2, 2014. REUTERS/Yevgeny Volokin.

That’s why, when the Ukrainian National Media Licensing Commission was deciding to whom they should give an FM frequency in Odessa, they agreed a Christian voice was desperately needed there. FEBC was granted a permission to build a station in that city.

The new transmitter has recently arrived in Odessa, Ukraine, and Dr Victor Akhterov described the next steps to changing lives in Ukraine:

  1. Build the new station in Odessa. As the transmitter and antenna have just arrived (see them in the video), we now need to establish communication lines to receive our existing signal from Kiev.
  2. Develop our broadcast centre in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Most of the radio programmes for Odessa and other stations in Ukraine will originate from FEBC Kiev.

Please prayer for: the installation process to be smooth, and the test broadcasts to be totally successful. May the technology serve the LORD and the people well.

This is what the donations and prayers from New Zealand, Australia, USA, and Canada are building – facilities and programmes that broadcast the love of God to wounded and lost people. To make a special donation to Ukraine please click on the Donate button below, choose Special Appeal, and type “Ukraine” in the comments box down the page.

Thank you.



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Russia’s New Anti-Missionary Law

Posted: July 14, 2016 at 3:22 pm

Russian Orthodox Church gives a medal to Irina Yarovaya, the author of the new law, for "strengthening moral and spiritual culture of Russia."

Russian Orthodox Church gives a medal to Irina Yarovaya, the author of the new law, for “strengthening moral and spiritual culture of Russia.”

On July 7, 2016, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed into law highly controversial legislation aimed at terrorism and extremism. However, part of the law harshly restricts missionary activity, which is very distressing news to Russian evangelicals.

The law restricts proselytizing in people’s homes, where many evangelicals gather for worship and home groups, as well as on-the-street evangelism. What especially worries FEBC and other media organizations is that the new law limits media-related evangelistic activities, including social media and Internet postings. Laypersons will no longer be able to share the Good News without special permission.

It is not exactly clear how the new law will impact evangelistic activities in Russia. Some Christians hope the law will be used against Islamic terrorist groups, but many fear that local government officials and Orthodox zealots will use it to restrict evangelical activity. Individuals found guilty of violating the new law will be fined up to $800 USD, while organizations found in violation will be fined up to $15,500. Foreigners found in violation will be deported.

FEBC affiliates in Russia who have committed themselves to bringing the Gospel to Russia since the first radio station launched in 1992 are under tremendous pressure from the government.

Despite all these difficulties, FEBC continues to grow, reaching greater number of listeners through new media, which includes satellite, online, smart phone apps, and other new technologies, in addition to FM broadcasting. “Today, we are reaching more than a million listeners on a daily basis,” said Dr. Victor Akhterov, director of FEBC Russian Ministries, “and this number will grow as we invest more into new and creative ways of delivering the Gospel.”

FEBC is also establishing a strong new presence in Ukraine and other countries in that area in order to be broadcasting to Russia from there, if need arises.

FEBC New Zealand regularly supports our FEBC partners in Russia and Ukraine. You can support FM, AM, and Internet broadcasts in these nations by clicking the Donate link below or above. Please pray for great wisdom and courage for our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Author: Matthew Perry

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Hello From Seoul. Christian Defector Broadcasts Good News To The North.

Posted: June 9, 2016 at 4:57 pm

Kim Chung-seong, a North Korean defector and a Christian missionary, broadcasts from a radio station in Seoul, South Korea.

For an hour each day, Kim Chung-seong, a defector from North Korea and a Christian missionary, takes to the microphone in a small Seoul studio.

At 1 am, his show ‘Hello from Seoul, the Republic of Korea’ sends a mix of gospel music and news into North Korea, defying the isolated state’s efforts to keep its people in the dark about the world, religion and the truth about its leaders.

“Brothers and sisters in the North, I hope this time can be a moment of prayer for a miracle that every party member of North Korea at the party congress can meet God, not take a further step into the cult of personality,” Kim said.

He was referring to the meeting of the North’s ruling Workers’ Party this month, where young leader Kim Jong Un was unanimously elevated to party chairman.

“I am desperately praying that North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and all administrators under him kneel down in front of God and repent for their sins, leave the path of tormenting their people,” Kim, who came to the South in 2004, said in his studio at the Far East Broadcasting Company.

[This article was first published in Christianity Today, 31st May 2016. Click here to read the whole story.]


Click here to Donate today. Thank you.


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