The Refugee situation is a genuine crisis! But did you know that many are turning to Christ?


Across Europe and around the world it appears that God is on the move among people on the move, and radio is one of the great ways that people are being reached.

FEBC has ministry among refugees, and you can help our Radio Farsi programmers reach Iranian and Afghan people all around the world by donating and praying today.

  • Your support provides vital training for our Iranian refugee announcers
  • Your support helps produce and broadcast regular programmes 
  • Pray for faith, strength, courage, and creativity as we evangelise and disciple listeners from our studios in Indonesia!  

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Imagine it! Iranian refugees, broadcasting Farsi language programmes from Indonesia to Afghan and Iranian families living in Turkey, Germany, Thailand, Malaysia and even Northern Australia, as well as in detention camps in Indonesia.

There are over 7,000 Farsi refugees in Indonesia alone, and many are very open to new ideas about life and about God. Mohammad and his team work tirelessly to deliver life-giving Christian programmes to people from all backgrounds. Untold listeners respond to Mo by social media, and his team have baptised many people in pools and rivers around Indonesia, even in detention centres!

Listeners are believing and following Christ.

Listener groups gather in “Radio Homegroups” around the world to be taught and encouraged by Radio Farsi. Your prayers and donations make this possible.

Persecuted listeners in Iran and Afghanistan also tune-in and are strengthened by the Word. You can read more here about Radio Farsi and the work of FEBC.

Thank you.


Top image courtesy of Evan Bench. Paris, France (Refugees). Click to visit source.