10 Years Broadcasting to Reindeer Herders.

Nomadic people are notoriously difficult to connect with. So radio is an ideal media for telling the various peoples of northwest Mongolia of God’s love and wisdom.

FEBC recently celebrated 10 years of broadcasting from the Huvsgul station, and this is our programme producer Degii (pictured in pink). Interviewing listeners provides the best background for programme development as our stations can then address the real issues people are facing.

To mark the anniversary, FEBC Mongolia presented a special training event called “Happy Family.” Degii taught about the importance of empathy for spouses, and the value of marriage.

The Tsaatan people (pictured) are famous for herding reindeer and living in teepees. They live on milk, yoghurt and cheese, and the reindeer are treated like part of the family. Their religion is Tengrism – they are very superstitious and Shamanistic. They worship creation and believe that the ghosts of their ancestors live as animals and give guidance. There are no known Christian believers as yet. Your support of FEBC is sharing the reality of Jesus Christ– saviour, friend and Lord.  


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