"Go out to the streets and lanes,
invite them in,
so that my house may be full."

Please help FEBC Cambodia to buy, equip and send out a Mobile Studio vehicle to engage face to face with people all over the country. Many more people will see and hear the FEBC broadcast as the mobile team journey from province to province each month.

Jesus' words (above, Luke 14:23) remind us that we have a ministry of invitation. Taking the radio studio out to the streets is a good way to hear the topics that people care about, and to invite all listeners to consider Jesus' way.

A concept image of the FEBC Mobile Studio to come.

A Mobile Studio vehicle will be a first of its kind in Cambodia, and Makara has a team ready to travel to every province.

A Mobile Studio vehicle will visit towns and villages across the country and engage personally with community leaders, pastors, teenagers, ministry workers, psychologists, and regular people from the streets and lanes. This will make our programmes more diverse and attractive to a wider and younger audience.

This project aims to equip and develop the Mobile Studio for operation in 2023. Keep an eye on our newsletter for progress updates.

Cham & Makara are senior broadcasters. They will lead the mobile ministry.

This picture (right/below) is what broadcasting from home looked like during the pandemic. The pandemic season has taught us to be ready to broadcast from anywhere, and the mobile studio vehicle project will allow us to be more versatile and ready to produce and deliver programmes in any circumstances and places.

If you would like to support Christian broadcasting in Cambodia, and help get the team out and about, please donate today by clicking the green button at the top of the page.
Thank you.

Broadcasting from home during lockdown.
mslb map
Cambodia is made up of provinces, districts, communes and villages. The Mobile Studio will visit people in the towns and villages each month.

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