"Go out to the streets and lanes,
invite them in,
so that my house may be full."

A Mobile Studio vehicle will be a first of its kind in Cambodia, and we have a team ready to travel to every province.

Jesus' words in the Parable of the Great Banquet (above, Luke 14:23) remind us that we have a ministry of invitation. Taking the radio studio out to the streets is a good way to hear the topics that people care about, and to invite all listeners to consider Jesus' way.

Our Mobile Studio vehicle will visit towns and villages across the country, universities, malls and schools. We will especially engage with young people, inviting them to chat about the subjects they care about, and reflect on these from a biblical perspective.
Young people follow, watch, comment and share on Social Media constantly. This is where they want to learn and interact. Our new Mobile Studio will be all over the web with the best quality video and sound. This is an important new channel of modern outreach.

Please help FEBC Cambodia to buy, equip and send out a Mobile Studio vehicle to engage face to face with people all over the country. Especially young people. Our team will interview many young people who aren't already listening and wouldn't normally call the station.

This project aims to equip and develop the Mobile Studio for operation as soon as possible. Keep an eye on our newsletter for progress updates.

A concept image of the FEBC Mobile Studio to come.
Live interviews are a popular way to give people a voice, and discuss their favourite topics. Our broadcasters can then reflect biblically and bring a Christian perspective to the discussion.
FEBC Cambodia is a young innovative team.
mslb map
Cambodia is made up of provinces, districts, communes and villages. The Mobile Studio will be out and about visiting different places each month.

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