Help listeners in Cambodia trust in God.

Our New Zealand Spring appeal 2021 is ensuring that a brand new programme goes to air across Cambodia.
Broadcasting the Bible, a chapter-a-day. This is one more way of blessing the Khmer people and building trust in God. It is a dynamic reading of just the Word of God.

Most households do not have a Bible, and less than 1% of Cambodian people are Christian... but FEBC FamilyFM is popular and clear!

Meet Aunty Phon.

"Do not let your hearts be troubled.
Trust in God; trust also in me."
- Jesus (John 14:1)

Phon was invited to listen to FEBC's FamilyFM after her husband died. She was left raising three boys, alone.

"God picked me up out of hopeless."

"I was depressed with many problems. Sometimes I just wanted to run away and end my life."

"My friend invited me to listen to the encouraging Word of God and the Christian programmes. God picked me up out of hopeless.
FamilyFM Listener

Like most nations, Cambodia has faced lockdowns to confront the coronavirus pandemic. This is what broadcasting from home can look like (right/below). Please pray for our producers and broadcaster, and for the equipment to work as it should!

If you would like to support Christian broadcasting in Cambodia, and help people like Phon to 'get out of hopeless,' and build trust in God, please donate today by clicking the green button at the top of the page.
Thank you.

Working from home during lockdown in Phnom Penh.