Chased from her home, Mrs P made a plan.

Mrs P is a listener in Thailand, Pichit Province.
She received Christ when she was in Singapore, but after this life-changing decision her husband and Mother in law chased her out of the house. She then went back home to Thailand to live in her hometown in Pichit Province.

There are only 4 households in her village. The church is quite far away. So Mrs P made a plan. She decided to open her house as a Christian Center in the village with the intent to plant a new church in the village.

Mrs P placed a cross on her home to identify her new faith.

As she is quite new believer the only source of bible knowledge she had was the FEBC radio programmes,  “Through the Bible” and “Law for Life.” So that is what she does – listens to the discipleship programmes on the radio, and passes on what she hears to her neighbours.

She often contacts us asking for prayer when she reaches out to her neighbourhood doing her activities  hoping to bring people to know Christ as well. She has placed a cross on her roof, and she hosts meals for her neighbours so she can chat and share her new understandings of Jesus Christ.

Mrs P serves up meals to her neighbours, and shares her new understanding about Jesus Christ.



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