Help listeners in Ukraine find the Peace of God this Easter.

For some years FEBC New Zealand has supported the on-air radio counselling programme in Ukraine called Zagatovani (read more below). A programme that brings biblical wisdom, healing, and practical advice to all people wounded in anyway by the war with Russia. That was before the current invasion. So now, more than ever, Christian broadcasting that offers hope and help is vital and sought-after.

Please support this Easter appeal by praying for the national needs, and giving to support this ongoing ministry and the broadcasters who are keeping it going. [The four men above are FEBC broadcasters. Eugene (left) leads the programme Zagatovani.]

FEBC is still on-air, broadcasting in Ukraine, and expanding!

Not only are our stations still on-air (6 out of seven currently still broadcasting), but FEBC Ukraine are pressing on with their pre-invasion plans to add another FM station to the network! Expansion of the ministry is happening in the midst of a war. Please pray for this courageous effort to grow the outreach. The new station will be in Zaporizhzhia, a regional capital city in the south east. To read more and to follow our Ukraine Updates, please visit our Ukraine Project page here.

Please give generously to this Easter appeal and help broadcast Jesus’ words of peace over Ukraine.

The Christ will suffer and rise from the dead on the third day, and repentance and forgiveness of sins will be preached in his name to all nations.

Luke 24: 46-47

Many listeners are panicking… Most people are under extreme stress, and many are losing hope.

Alexander, programme host.

Funds raised this Easter will help to: keep the broadcasts on-air across Ukraine, network costs, equipment, repairs and replacements; provide staff; keep the counselling phone-lines up and operating; provide for the basic needs of FEBC broadcasters who have fled with their families and possibly lost everything; and provide radios for those in need.

‘Life After Easter.’

A thank-you gift to you.

A biblical inspiration from Luke 24 where Jesus speaks to the disciples, addresses their confusion, and keeps them on mission to bless the world.

A ‘Thank you’ gift to you, to help you stay focused as you follow Jesus in life and mission. For your free e-booklet, please click the button below.

Peace be with you.” Luke 24:36

In 2022 Sergey shows us some early damage. He broadcasts biblical encouragement from the bomb sites.
In 2018 Victor explained the heart of the broadcast from Kyiv.

More about the programme “Zagatovani.”

Our special programmes playing across our network of FM stations in Ukraine, bring healing and practical help to soldiers, their families, and others affected by the current military action.

We are so tired of war and politics. Thank you for your wonderful, real, and unique programmes.
You truly share peace with us.

A listener in Kyiv

People are suffering and receive very little psychological and even less spiritual help. The result is hundreds of suicides, broken families, and emotional problems that carry on and hurt people for years.

When I listen to your programme, I listen alone because I don’t want my wife or son to see me crying. No one really understands what I went through when I served, but you do and you give me real hope in God.

A soldier after returning from the front lines.

FEBC produces special programmes to bring healing and practical help to listeners. Our team are local people and they know the situation on the ground. Meet Eugene Goltsov, the producer and host of the programme (picture below). He and his team are are moved with compassion and have the means to help many people by radio and in person. The broadcasts counsel, advise, empathise and encourage listeners. We connect listeners with local churches. Our team even follow up inquiries by visiting families, and going out to the front lines to where the soldiers are.

One commander said:

I see how effective your visits are. You probably don’t know how many suicides you have prevented through your programmes and your visits. Soldiers are hungry for hope.

Thank you for supporting people Wounded by the War.

Please click Donate, and choose from the drop-down menu: “Project / Appeal / Christmas etc.” You can type ‘Ukraine’ in the space provided. Thank you.

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