“Comfort, comfort my people, says your God. Speak tenderly, … prepare the way for the LORD.”

Isaiah 40:1-3

Join us for a Virtual Tour of FEBC Ukraine:

Saturday 3rd December, 9 a.m. on YouTube.

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Visit https://www.youtube.com/@febcnz/ to see the latest videos from Ukraine and other nations. Please hit SUBSCRIBE on YouTube and stay up to date for genuine inspiration. The Virtual Tour will Premier on Saturday 3rd December at 9 a.m. See the stations, meet the team, hear the stories of hope and heartbreak.

Please help comfort Ukrainians this Christmas with a donation to keep our broadcasts loud and clear across the country?

The war in Ukraine continues to hurt regular people who are just like us. It is killing many and destroying the nation. But there is good news:

FEBC has remained in Ukraine throughout the invasion and expanded our broadcasting network to reach potentially millions more people with the gospel! Thanks to the support of people like you, we were ready and able to set up two new FM stations since February. One in Kyiv and one in Zaporizhzhia. Both cities are substantial and add more than five million people to our listening area!

“When our soldiers listen to Radio M (FEBC Ukraine) the hope in their lives is evident. They change their outlook on life and death, especially those who have conversations and prayers with the counsellors.”

(A Ukrainian army officer)

Eugene Goltsov (above left) is distributing radios, Bibles, and the counselling service details to soldiers. Together with Eugene, you and FEBC New Zealand are distributing comfort and hope in Jesus Christ. A Christmas donation of $100 can provide an hour of broadcasting and an hour of counselling. $250 can provide 2 ½ hours. Imagine that!

“Speak tenderly to the nations …”

Isaiah 40:2

Radio is a powerful medium to deliver the comfort of God. We do this by teaching his word; via insightful Christian programmes; and by the counsel of faithful people trained in pastoral care. FEBC developed a freephone counselling service, originally to help people through the COVID pandemic, but now used by callers who are anxious about the war. Our counsellors listen to heartbreaking stories every day and need professional care and supervision to keep their own hearts strong. This Christmas appeal will contribute to our counselling ministry so we can “speak tenderly” to the listeners who call.

Human glory withers and falls…

But the word of our God stands forever.

Isaiah 40:6,8.

Broadcasting Trust in God.

From the beginning of time people have been tempted to put their trust in earthly things. Things like tanks. Ukrainians are no different. Just as Isaiah encouraged Jerusalem in the midst of the Babylonian exile (Isaiah 40), so Hezekiah encouraged Judah to put their trust in God despite the Assyrian invasion (2 Chronicles 32:6-8). Why? Because godly words give listening people courage. Courage to trust God and find confidence and strength to carry on.

Early in the invasion, broadcaster Sergey shows us some early damage. He broadcasts biblical encouragement from the bomb sites.
Update on the war, including amazing media network expansion. October 2022

To read more and to follow our Ukraine Updates, please visit our Ukraine Project page here.

More about the programme “Zagatovani.”

Since 2014 the programme “Zagatovani” has been a popular programme on-air addressing the issues of trauma, PTSD, and the many ways anxiety affects people because of the conflict in the East. After the 2022 invasion our programming was changed to include much more on-air help with these and other issues that war inflicts on the public.

We are so tired of war and politics. Thank you for your wonderful, real, and unique programmes.
You truly share peace with us.

A listener in Kyiv

People are suffering and receive very little psychological and even less spiritual help. The result is hundreds of suicides, broken families, and emotional problems that carry on and hurt people for years.

When I listen to your programme, I listen alone because I don’t want my wife or son to see me crying. No one really understands what I went through when I served, but you do and you give me real hope in God.

A soldier after returning from the front lines.

FEBC produces special programmes to bring healing and practical help to listeners. Our team are local people and they know the situation on the ground. Meet Eugene Goltsov, the producer and host of the programme (picture below). He and his team are are moved with compassion and have the means to help many people by radio and in person. The broadcasts counsel, advise, empathise and encourage listeners. We connect listeners with local churches. Our team even follow up inquiries by visiting families, and going out to the front lines to where the soldiers are.

One commander said:

I see how effective your visits are. You probably don’t know how many suicides you have prevented through your programmes and your visits. Soldiers are hungry for hope.

Thank you for supporting people Wounded by the War.

Please click Donate, and choose from the drop-down menu: “Project / Appeal / Christmas etc.” You can type ‘Ukraine’ in the space provided. Thank you.

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