Disaster Strikes India, Radio Is There.

For untold people in India, Bangladesh and Nepal disaster has struck again as a result of torrential monsoon rains. Millions of people are affected by this disaster, and at least 900 people are known to have died*.
FEBC’s ministry partner First Response Radio has deployed its India team to Bihar and they’re on-air right now broadcasting critical information to the affected communities. Thanks to their previous training and equipping, FRR are broadcasting life-saving messages over AM and shortwave radio, and listeners are being helped this minute.

Here are five prayer points especially for the broadcasts. Could you share these with others? Your home-group?

  • Praise God for radio stations right in the middle of the affected area. Signals are strong and far reaching;
  • Pray that many will tune-in and be guided to medical and food supplies;
  • Pray for great uptake of hygiene and guidance announcements that teach people how to keep well;
  • Pray for the comfort that timely information provides – to decrease fear, increase hope, and enable a sense of control.
  • Pray for the India FRR team who are on the ground in Bihar and producing radio content locally.

Here’s what one listener said:
“I have listened to your program. We don’t have any media to communicate to anybody except radio. We appreciate the love and concern you have shown for us during this situation. Your people have taken an initiative to help us. People in our area are suffering from malaria and high grade fever, due to lot of mosquitos. Please guide us what we do as precaution. At present our house is totally destroyed and there is no pure water to drink.”
Madhu B. A listener in Sitamarhi Bihar

Floods leave devastation behind.     Photo by Tanveer Alam/AlJazeera.

FEBC New Zealand and First Response Radio

Every year FEBC NZ helps fund the ongoing ministry of First Response Radio. Before disaster strikes you can make sure that FRR teams in disaster prone places like India, Pakistan, Indonesia, and the Philippines, are trained and equipped, ready to deploy within hours!

When you support FEBC you contribute in advance to help in disasters just like this one. Please donate today by clicking the button below and choosing First Response Radio from the drop down menu.

Thank you.


NB: Donations today will fund training and equipping for the next disaster wherever it strikes. They will not be sent to India for this disaster.


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