God still care me even I am old age.

[These delightful and sincere testimonies are among several recently received by FEBC Cambodia. We have reproduced them in their English-second-language to retain something of their authentic voice.]

“My name is Grandma Lang from Battambang Province. I thank you to FEBC FM to distribute small radios which broadcast to me. It has been a blessing to me as an older person who could not go far, and bored. FEBC always close to me, and be my good friend. When I listen for two hours, I feel more of God’s love for me. God’s word guide me every day of my life, to live by faith and trust him more. I pray that God will bless and provide what FEBC need.”

“My name is Kuy, from Kongpong Province. I just received a small radio from Galcom and FEBC to carry everywhere. The programme “Healing Heart” very touch my heart. I was courage so much when I was down and worry about my hypertension sickness. After hearing the speaker, I have hope in my life through God’s word, and I know that God is our healing God, and takes care always. God is so good to me. I thank you FEBC for your beloved gift. May God bless you!”

FEBCambodia Director Makara gifts a new radio to an elderly listener.


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