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World Radio Day

World Radio Day

February 13, 2017 Posted in Featured by Matthew Perry

Happy World Radio Day!
Let’s use it to bless a nation.

OK so it’s not exactly like your birthday, and it’s far from Christmas, but World Radio Day is genuinely worth celebrating. It’s one small occasion on the calendar, and one great opportunity to bless a nation in a way only radio can.

World Radio Day is a UNESCO idea. For the Body of Christ this is a chance to celebrate the reach we have in telling people of God’s love. Please celebrate with us by praying especially for Muslim listeners today, and giving a one-off donation to one of our very discreet FEBC stations deep in a Muslim region of South East Asia. For security reasons we cannot name the station or country or promote its needs publicly, so we call it “Fox Hill FM.”

Fox Hill FM reaches out to families with Biblical values programmes, many are especially developed to benefit women, wives, and children.
A donation to Fox Hill FM will directly support the production of these life-giving programmes for the community.

Prayer: Please join us and pray that our listeners’ hearts would be like “good soil.” That they would have “ears to hear” and not just listen lightly, but really hear what God is saying. I recommend you read the Parable of the Sower in the Bible, and pray these things with hope. Luke 8:4-21

Fox Hill FM is one of the most popular stations in the city. It is the GoTo station for emergency information in the event of a natural disaster, and numerous organisations work with our team to bring practical, emotional, and spiritual guidance to our listeners. Please click below to make a donation.


You can read more about the official World Radio Day here.

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