Hasan’s Story

Hasan’s video story is a beautiful and inspiring example of how even those in the most hostile and fragile situations can be messengers of hope, you can be too!

The good news of Jesus is hope for the hopeless; it is joy for those who are suffering; it is peace for those who are grieving, and it is forgiveness for those who are hurting. So, let us together be ‘messengers of hope’ this Christmas!

Thanks to our partners Feba UK, Christian radio and media is filling thousands of homes, cafes and shops with messages of God’s love, hope, and peace. Be inspired by this video. FEBC New Zealand supports Feba UK’s work with partners in the Arab World.

Click here to read more about our partners’ work in the Arab World.

To help produce messages of hope and broadcast the good news to thousands like Hasan, please use our secure donate buttons anywhere on this site. Write ‘Arab World’ in the space provided. Thank you.


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