Indonesia Disaster – Donggala Province

FEBC Indonesia and First Response Radio Deployed to Disaster Zone

On Friday 28th September a 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck the Donggala province of central Sulawesi triggering a tsunami that has devastated Palu, the capital of the province. Many people lost their lives in this dreadful event.

FEBC Indonesia and First Response Radio responded to the earthquake and tsunami disaster that devastated central Sulawesi Indonesia. Our trained team have been on-air in Palu since Sunday 7th October. They faced serious obstacles as they worked in a disaster zone with very limited resources.

From early November the Indonesian Red Cross have taken over the broadcasts on the local radio station our First Response Radio team worked with during the earliest stage of the disaster.

Galcom radios are still being distributed to people in the area for their ongoing information needs. For the latest news and updates on our First Response Radio team see our Facebook page.

The obstacles and challenges are huge.

Food, Fuel & Power – during the early deployment phase there was no electricity in the city and fuel and food in very scarce supply. Sustaining any relief effort was a huge challenge.

Security – there was rioting, and looting of stores as people were hungry, hurt, and desperate. In that early stage anyone with good supplies faced the risk of becoming a target.

The plan we ran

  1. Establish the FEBC FRR team and volunteers. 6+ team members are coordinating together.
  2. Gather supplies including generators, studio-in-a-suitcase equipment, antenna, radios, food, water, and fuel.
  3. Coordinate with other organisations and government agencies.
  4. Distribute around 2000 radios to the affected communities around Palu.
  5. Stay on-air broadcasting critical information to the surrounding community.

What did we broadcasting?

This is the critical information the First Response Radio team broadcast:

  • where to find food & water. Supply and sanitation information;
  • the availability of medical care, including emergency and temporary measures people can take for health and hygiene;
  • up to date information about the wider disaster. What to expect;
  • available transport routes – how to get places;
  • reassurance of relief efforts;
  • counselling and support to assist recovery and bring some restoration of ‘normal;’
  • music and discussion in the evenings helps bring calm and a sense of community.

How can we pray?

  • For the wounded, traumatised, homeless, and afraid – that they would be found, healed and comforted.
  • Thank God the FRR Indonesia team is in Palu and on-air with the emergency station.
  • For food, water and fuel supplies to be available especially in these first days and weeks of rescue and recovery.
  • For safety from harm, both human and further natural disasters.
  • For our wind-up/solar radios to get into communities and for strong clear signals to deliver critical information.

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Thank you.

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