Nepal Quake Update #3

Our partner First Response Radio is actively working with the humanitarian community in Nepal to serve the people and provide the best communication aid possible.

Thankfully numerous radio stations survived the quake so there are active frequencies available for First Response Radio broadcasting. In situations like this First Response Radio provides:

  • programming leadership,
  • on-the-spot training to station staff on how to change to a Disaster Response / First Response schedule;
  • solar powered & wind-up radio distribution;
  • mobile radio station equipment to set up in places where no broadcast facilities survived the disaster;
  • field equipment for remote recording and broadcasting.

While there are many radios and devices with FM capability in Nepal, as time goes by replacement batteries will become scarce (and electricity may be unreliable for weeks). At this moment FEBC is endeavouring to provide many solar-powered & wind-up radios to distribute in Nepal. Please pray that supplies like this will get through as soon as possible given the relative chaos and ‘traffic’ in Kathmandu at the moment.

Please continue to pray specifically for the broadcasts:

  • that people would be informed about vital supplies;
  • that people would be led to family and friends in hospitals and separated in the chaos;
  • that generators would work and signals would reach far and wide to communicate help and hope to all;
  • that people would hear how to help their community, and be comforted by this media connection;
  • that announcers offer the crucial info and the sensitive hopeful messages the nation needs right now.
Radio & mobile communications become life-savers in a disaster. (pic:courtesy CNN)
Radio & mobile communications become life-savers in a disaster. (pic:courtesy CNN)

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