No Water or Electricity, but Joy.

Mrs. H. sells eggs in the market for a living to take care of her 10-year old granddaughter whose parents abandoned her when she was 2 years old.  They live in a shack on muddy ground on the edge of a canal in the middle of nowhere.  The shack belongs to the farmer who owns the field.  There is no running water and no electricity.

Mrs. H. became a Christian through a friend at the market 2 years ago. The friend also gave her a speaker box and registered her into the FEBC Speaker Box program at the church in the village – a 3-hour walk away.  The speaker box is the only link they have to faith during the week.  During the day, Mrs. H. takes the box to the market to charge the battery while she sells the eggs.

At night grandma and granddaughter huddle together around the box to listen to God’s Word until the wee hours.  They have many favourites, but the current series is what they like best. It’s the teaching on the book of Philippians on the topic of Joy!

A friend registered Mrs H in the FEBC Speaker Box program.

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