FEBC Ukraine team

Get to know the real people in Ukraine…

In our ministry to communicate Christ to the world by media, we value being close. Close to God, close to listeners, and close to each other. It’s our pleasure to introduce you to our people in Ukraine.

Dr. Victor Akhterov

  • Director
  • Has been building FEBC ministry in Russia, Ukraine, and other countries for the past 30 years
  • Education: Communications and Theology
  • Family: Wife Oksana, two grown children

Eduard Kurylenko

  • Incoming Director
  • Preacher’s kid (Ed’s father is a well-known blind preacher in Ukraine who passed away in August)
  • Was in business for many years
  • Education: Business and Theology
  • Family: Wife Nadia (makes the best Ukrainian borscht) and four children

Eugene Goltsov

  • Special Project manager
  • Host of “Wounded by the War”
  • Professional musician
  • Became a Christian while serving in the Soviet Army
  • Serves in the most dangerous areas of Ukraine
  • Family: Wife Svetlana and two grown children

Max Shargaev

  • Program Director
  • Born in Chernobyl
  • Youth pastor for many years
  • Education: Law and Pastoral Care
  • Married on August 8, 2009
  • Family: Wife Yulia and 3-year-old daughter Karina

Olesya Dmitrieva

  • Key Broadcaster
  • Lives in Slavyansk, where the war began
  • English professor
  • Family: Husband Mikhail and two daughters

Natalia Bradarskaya

  • Counselor, teacher by training
  • Widow of Viktor Bradarsky, martyred for his faith
  • Lives in Slavyansk, Eastern Ukraine
  • Two sons and one daughter who just got married

Olexiy Travnikov

  • Board Member, Guest broadcaster
  • Leader of Family Life-Ukraine
  • Family Conferences speaker
  • Education: Ukrainian and Foreign Literature
  • Wife Elena and three daughters


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