Where Most Needed

Giving to Where Most Needed allows us to plan ahead, as well as respond quickly to the projects and stations with the greatest current need.

FEBC New Zealand has regular pledges to several station partners around the world. These include:

China / Vietnam / Cambodia / Indonesia / Thailand / Ukraine / the Arab World / Radios for Southeast Asia / First Response Radio – disaster response in India, Pakistan, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Broadcasting and programme production.
Relief, disaster response & emergency broadcasting.
Digital devices and every media platform available.

The work goes on day by day, and thanks to you we can supply the stations where the need is greatest.

Please choose any amount that suits you, and click the DONATE button anywhere on this page.  You can give as a one-off donation, or regular monthly support. After you click Donate you will have the option to choose Single Gift or Regular Gift.

Thank you.


More Projects

China – Liangyou Theological Seminary

Liangyou Theological Seminary is our Chinese Bible College by Media. LTS offers foundational and diploma courses for laypeople and pastors all over the Mainland. $30 per month sponsors a Christian through the most accessible ministry training in China.

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Arab World Middle East

The UN has described the situation in Yemen as the largest humanitarian crisis in the world. Radio is reaching people with life-giving information and hope.

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