The Winslade Family

The Winslade Family at Faith Academy

Peter and Sonia Winslade have been serving at Faith Academy for 20 years, and love working with missionary families through their roles at school. Their children are Larissa (not pictured), Sam (left), and Alex (right).

If you’re supporting the Winslade family in this work, thank you.  If you’re considering supporting them, thank you too. FEBC New Zealand is pleased to endorse their on-going ministry to you.

Peter is Deputy Head of School. Much work and energy goes into leading and developing a large community of teachers, students and the community that is Faith Academy. Peter oversees IT, and technology is playing an increasing role in the teaching and learning world. Keeping Faith Academy strong and structured to receive more pastors children from Asia as well as outside the region is a key role. Peter enjoys teaching a class of Algebra each day, maintaining his teaching and student contact.

Sonia teaches Foods and Clothing classes, and is energetic in extracurricular activities with the students like the top girls soccer team, and girls touch rugby. Sonia also mentors many of the senior girls in their last year at college. 

Faith Academy is a home away from home for many young people whose parents serve with FEBC and many other missions around South East Asia. Without such a good education and living opportunity many families would simply be unable to serve as they do. Peter and Sonia play vital roles in the lives of missionary kids and pastors kids at Faith Academy.

If you would like to support the Winslades we welcome your partnership warmly. You can receive their newsletter called “WWW” by sending us a message through the contact page on this website. To financially support them please visit this page for Donation options. There is an online option where you can choose “Overseas Personnel” and then specify by typing “Winslades” in the space provided.

If you have any other questions, or would like to be put in touch with the Winslades, please contact FEBC in New Zealand and we will connect you directly. You can visit the Faith Academy website here.

Matt Perry, Executive Director, FEBC New Zealand.


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