A Clever Radio

A Clever Radio


A clever little radio that goes and goes! This AM/FM radio is small enough to fit in your hand, and big enough to receive a good signal. It’s clever because it’s battery powered, solar powered, wind-up crank powered, and USB powered! A powerful and versatile little unit. It has an LED torch/flashlight on the end, and a USB charging plug for your mobile phone* –  now that’s clever! It even has an emergency beacon red light and siren, to attract attention in an emergency.

* Please note new courier charges from March 2024. See below.

Please allow 8 working days for processing & delivery.


These radios are the very ones we smuggle into North Korea, and distribute in several other parts of the world. They’re ideal for emergencies and just for everyday use.

  • FM/AM/SW
  • Solar Powered
  • Wind-up powered
  • LED torch
  • Phone charging USB

This clever little unit measures 13 cm long, 6 cm high, and 4.5 cm wide.

*Mobile phone charging facility does not charge Apple devices. 

Sorry no pickups. Postage & packaging (shipping) for this product is: $7.50 for 1 radio; $11.50 for 2 – 3; $15.50 for 4-8 radios; For more than 8 radios please call us during normal office hours to arrange P&P. 0800 433 226.   Sadly the courier price increase could not be avoided. We do our best to keep costs down.

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