Engage with FEBC Projects

FEBC New Zealand supports the ministry of FEBC International and its partners all around the world. You can support specific projects as described here, or allow us to distribute to where the need is greatest – whatever is your preference.

Where Most Needed

Giving to Where Most Needed allows us to plan ahead, as well as respond quickly to the projects and stations with the greatest current need. Please choose any amount that suits you.

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Being “close to the listener” is always important to us, so our follow-up ministry with people who contact us is very important and always developing.

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First Response Radio

An emergency radio station in a suitcase can be on-air inside three days of an earthquake, cyclone, or tsunami. Your donation here will train local workers, stockpile solar radios, and deploy teams fast.

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Dedicated Broadcasters

Sponsor 20 minutes of broadcasting each month with a regular donation of $30 or more. Click ‘Read More’ to find out how you can regularly give people 20 minutes with Jesus.

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Wind Me Up

Put a radio in someone’s hands and you bless an entire community. One radio ($30) may be shared by over 25 people. If it’s solar powered and wind-up, it might work until Jesus returns!

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