Persecuted Minorities – Southeast Asia

Persecuted Minorities – Southeast Asia

Persecuted Minorities Across Southeast Asia

Since the days of Mao Tse Tung, through the decades and across China, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar, our broadcasts have strengthened and equipped peoples to trust in God and live in hope and faith for decades.  Such programmes comfort and encourage the persecuted, and challenge the abusers!

Your support of Persecuted Ethnic Minorities ensures that programmes in numerous languages go out across the nations. New Zealand is especially focusing on the Hmong, the Jarai, the Koho, the Rade, the Bahna, and the Sedang people groups. For some language groups our programmes are the only place they can hear their own language on the media!

Our broadcasts are aired by FM, shortwave, and distributed on MP3 players called “Speakerboxes.” MicroSD cards can contain hundreds of hours of teaching, encouragement and hope.

Programmes are a vital source of Biblical input on a wide range of subjects including spirituality, marriage and relationships, Youth issues, leadership, healthcare, agriculture, and Bible teaching. Programmes have served a vital role in correcting heresies, and building up the church where there are often no trained pastors for large populations of believers.

(Above left) Young Vietnamese people are often very tech savvy and many listen online, and via Apps and wifi devices. (Above right) A volunteer shows a listener how to load a microSD chip into an MP3 player for listening to biblical teaching programmes.

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