Thailand – Radio & Bible Correspondence Course

Thailand – Radio & Bible Correspondence Course

This is Sunee. She called us when she heard about the Bible Correspondence Course on the radio. Her husband had passed away and she was left with her son. She had been depressed, but in her own words, she said:

“I am interested to get to know God better.”

Thailand needs basic Bible courses for inquirers and new Christians.

Our daily radio programmes present a Biblical perspective on real life topics, and speak carefully to a Buddhist worldview. Our Listeners are invited to respond and many enrol in our Bible Correspondence Course. Read more below…

FEBC Thailand broadcasts in two languages: Thai and Isaan. Programmes are played across 31 AM & FM radio stations covering every province. We produce eleven 30-minute daily programmes on a wide range of topics like marriage, family, work, women’s needs, eternity and reincarnation. FEBC’s model is for local Christians to produce local programmes, leading and operating their own stations.

FEBC Thailand’s goal is to inspire and equip listeners to follow Jesus Christ and serve him wherever they are.

Bible Correspondence Course.

Pastors help marking the studies and encouraging the students.

Radio programmes regularly invite listeners to enrol in our Bible Correspondence Course which is designed for seekers and new Christians. Most people studying this Bible course are Buddhist seekers, and many are in prison, studying in small groups with others. We have helped over 42,000 people study the Bible so far! Between 2,000 – 3,000 people are enrolled at any time. Listeners are lead at their own pace through 18 Bible topics, from ‘What you should know about God’ to The Everlasting Love of God.’ Approximately 250 people complete the course each year.

Your prayers and support for FEBC Thailand ensure programmes go to air and listeners and seekers are lovingly pointed to the way, the truth and the life – Jesus Christ. To support this project, you could:

  • Sponsor a lesson topic for all students on that topic:
    • for a week – $46
    • for a month – $185
    • for four months – $740

Programmes for Buddhist Listeners

All of our programmes are carefully prepared by local Christian staff for their national neighbours. They receive thousands of letters and questions every month that keep the producers in-touch with the listeners’ needs, and allow personal connections for phone calls and visits for those who want them. Some of our most popular programmes are the following:

‘This Life Has The Answer’ addresses the idea that answers to life are in the next reincarnation. A reincarnation world view can incline people towards suicide if they are suffering difficulties in this life. Poverty, demotion, relationship failure, sickness, and bad behaviour, these things can all frustrate people to the point of taking their own lives. Our programme introduces listeners to Jesus, the One who promises eternal life TODAY to all who turn to him and trust in his saving sacrifice on the cross.

‘Heart Friend’ is a programme presenting the love and friendship of Jesus Christ with all people. God is not distant and unfeeling, but close and compassionate. The host reads listeners’ letters and speaks to the matters of heart, often addressing matters of friendship, love, relationship issues and God.

‘There’s Still the Dawn’ is a programme about hope. Encouraging listeners that life is truly worth living when you know that God loves you and cares for you. God has a beautiful eternity awaiting all who put their trust in him. There is always life to look forward to when you know God!

Staff visit and encourage listeners regularly.


Thailand is an ancient kingdom with nearly 70 million people. 95% of the population are Buddhist, and after Thai there are numerous languages and dialects spoken. FEBC produces most programmes in Thai & Isaan, as well as 17 other ethnic minority languages for wider broadcasting in the region.
Thank you for your prayers and support for FEBC Thailand. We appreciate you.


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