Kingdom Adventures for Children

Kingdom Adventures for Children

Special Appeal 2023-2024

Kingdom Adventures is an exciting new FM radio programme for children in Indonesia, inspiring them to discover Jesus in God’s word. It is supported by a YouTube Channel and school classroom visits.

A little like ‘Bible in Schools,’ Kingdom Adventures is a series of audio programmes on FM radio, video on YouTube, as well as in-school discovery events wherever we can gain permission from the local religious authorities.

Indonesia has a population of 277 million people, and at 87% Muslim it is the most populous Muslim nation on earth. With 70 million children, programmes that appeal to young people and give them the opportunity to hear that they are loved and accepted freely by Jesus Christ, are vital. Radio and digital media is the ideal way to reach out to Indonesia’s next generation.

Please support ‘Kingdom Adventures’ from New Zealand, with a donation of any amount.

NZ$35 provides a child with an ‘Adventure Bundle’ – a bible and bible comic book in a free backpack.
NZ$95 helps provide special FM radio programmes for children.
NZ$235 helps provide ‘Kingdom Adventures for Children’ on FM and in classrooms, ongoing throughout 2024.

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Kingdom Adventures in Bahasa Indonesian is Berpetualang Dalam Kerajaan Allah.

Called DBKA in Indonesia, children can listen to special programmes on our large FM radio network that covers the country. They can watch hundreds of videos on YouTube (below). Please pray for FEBC Indonesia as they seek more and more permission and work with local Christians to present BDKA in local schools all over the country.

Click on these video thumbnails to experience the Kingdom Adventures YouTube channel – all in Indonesian!

FEBC Indonesia has several of its own FM stations, plus over 120 partner stations who play our programmes daily.


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