North Korea

North Korea

North Korea has the worst human rights record in the world and is Open Door’s “Most dangerous country to be a Christian.”

26 million people deserve the love and peace of Jesus, but the borders are closed and the ruling regime allow no freedom.

That’s why broadcasting from South Korea is vital and wonderful. Will you join us?

The only ‘thinking’ allowed in North Korea is unquestioning devotion to the ruling Kim regime. A cruel family dynasty synthesising a form of Communism and idolatry into one. This famous bronze monument captures the idolatry required of all citizens in the North: Bow before Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. [Photo credit: Bjørn Christian Tørrissen,, Wikimedia]

One of the greatest ways to get over borders, past guards, over minefields, and through security barriers, is A.M. radio. FEBC South Korea has two huge A.M. radio stations focused on the North and pouring out faith, hope and love in programmes constantly. 250 Kw from Jeju, and 100 Kw from Daebudo (pictured left) send voices of hope and inspiration to listeners in loud and clear transmissions.

Empowering this broadcasting is what New Zealand can help with. Contributing to the cost of the electricity to run these stations is our part in this old saga. It costs around NZ$5,000 every month to power the transmitters.

We know that people are listening and believing in the North because they write to us. These letters (right) are just a few of the thousands of messages over the years. But more than that, about 30,000 defectors now live in the South, and they tell us emphatically that the radio broadcasts keep many people hoping for a better future, in this life or the life to come!

The letter above describes how the people of the North regard Il sung Kim as a god! This kind of leadership is appalling to most people, and especially Christians. And the cruel outworking of a government that thinks of itself with such sovereignty is beyond the comprehension of reasonable humanity. The people of the North must be given opportunity to hear and know that there is a good and loving God who cares and saves them.

Prayer Points from the people of the North:

  • That our people will hear, be comforted and believe in the true and living God, Jesus Christ our gracious and compassionate Saviour.
  • That the ruthless regime of the North will decline and the people will be free to live and believe as they wish.
  • For God’s sovereign protection of believers and listeners, from the cruel authorities all over the North.

Thank you New Zealand.


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