Buy Diesel Coffee products (in agreement with Ts & Cs and Privacy Policy)

Buy Diesel Coffee products (in agreement with Ts & Cs and Privacy Policy)

Our friends at Diesel Coffee Works are pleased to support FEBC’s work and ministry by donating a share of the purchase price of their small-batch roasted coffee beans and ground coffee.

When you click the ‘Go to Store’ button below, you will be able to place your order at Diesel’s online shop. It will automatically detect that you have come via FEBC, so you don’t need to enter any coupon code, and a share of the purchase price will be donated by Diesel to FEBC.

Your order is accepted in accordance with FEBC’s Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions, and your agreement to these is a condition of purchase. See Description below for more Diesel Coffee information.

Diesel Coffee currently has three blends – Diesel Socio, Diesel Black and Diesel Light (Decaf). And all blends are now available in COFFEE PODS that are compatible with Nespresso 2nd Generation machines.


Diesel Coffee Works was formed by local Hamilton café operators who just love good coffee.

When the owner of a specialist diesel workshop saw the benefit of collaborating with other industries, the outcome was not what was expected, but one that has proven successful. Little did he know, that soon his team of diesel mechanics would be demanding barista quality Diesel coffee every smoko and nothing less.

Starting off without much fanfare, but just great coffee, the Diesel Coffee Works movement is coming alive. Diesel Coffee Works is the ultimate Artisan Coffee Roaster –deliberately roasting beans in small batches so that quality can be individually checked so as to maintain a consistency and flavour you can trust!

Diesel Coffee is now used as the coffee of choice in several cafes in Hamilton and it has an established online shop supplying to a growing base of satisfied home-brew coffee drinkers throughout New Zealand.


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