Dedicated Broadcasters

Dedicated Broadcasters

Could you give someone 20 minutes with Jesus once a month?

Think for a minute how you became a follower of Jesus. For most of us, it happened over time after repeatedly hearing God’s truth and experiencing His love.


Thanks to modern media, you can regularly give distant people time with Jesus. Most people in the world, even in remote areas, have a radio, phone or media device. It’s how they keep in touch. It’s also how they are hearing about God’s great love.

Into the hard-to-reach places, FEBC is broadcasting life-changing Christian programmes in the languages of the local people. From biblical encouragement to advocating the rights of women and girls, to healthcare training and disaster response, we communicate the love and practical wisdom of God using AM & FM radio, internet, mobile applications, and shortwave.

That’s how you can give someone 20 minutes with Jesus.

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Become a Dedicated Broadcaster!

No, we’re not asking you to sit behind a microphone!
But we are inviting you to financially support the FEBC broadcasters who do. With your ongoing help, we can keep sharing God’s love over the airwaves with people who need to hear it.

The nations need Dedicated Broadcasters, – regular supporters who understand how faith grows, and who will give themselves to God’s ongoing work.

$30/month = 20 minutes* with Jesus. Click here to go straight to our secure Credit Card donation page. Choose “Regular Gift.”


This is Mali, a listener in Thailand from a Buddhist background. Mali is typical of thousands of our listeners around the world who contact us and tell us how life-changing the programmes are. She wrote:

Dear FEBC,

Thank you for your programmes. I listened for many months and decided to begin your Bible Correspondence course. I believe in my heart that God is real, but I need time to consider him, and to prepare the right words for my family.”

To become a Dedicated Broadcaster and provide ongoing programmes for people like Mali, please click here.

[ * $30/20 minutes is a calculated average considering numerous stations, costs, and exchange rates. All regular donations of $30 or more per month qualify for Dedicated Broadcaster status, and receive a special gift pack and communication opportunities with our stations.]


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