Wind Me Up

Wind Me Up

Providing radios impacts people with the life-giving message of the Gospel.

Radios reach populations that others can’t. Radio is still the biggest mass-media on the planet. While internet and web-based platforms are vital (and we’re there too), millions of people in remote and poor places rely on regular radios to hear news.

Radios are valuable and popular because they are untraceable and cheap. Radio reaches into hard-to-reach places, across borders and over oceans, deep inland, and high into mountains. Where phones and cell towers are not, radio can be.

Radio is proven to be one of the greatest tools for evangelism and discipleship. I highly recommend Far East Broadcasting Company, an organisation of unquestioned integrity that is worthy of your prayers and support.

Dr James Dobson.

Last year FEBC distributed almost 10,000* radios to people in Myanmar, China, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Russia, and North Korea. When we asked our field directors to project their radio needs this year, we immediately received requests for 15,000!

The Impact of Giving Radios.

The cost of purchasing and placing one radio in the hands of a truly needy listener is $30. And according to our international leaders, one radio impacts at least 25 people in developing areas. This means that 15,000 radios could make it possible for 375,000 people to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ!

When you support missions by providing radios you put portable missionaries into communities. Thank you.

Please click Donate, and choose from the drop-down menu: “Radios for the nations.”  Thank you. 

* figures for radio distribution are for numerous FEBC International Members. FEBC New Zealand is a Member of FEBC International and our support for radio distribution contributes to the totals.


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