Julia’s Story

Julia’s Story

The programme ‘Wounded by the War’ involves visiting soldiers’ homes and taking supplies to households affected by the war in Eastern Ukraine. That’s where we met Julia. Here is her story:

At first, I was wary of them, this group of smiling people bringing me food and religious books. But I accepted their help—I had three kids that needed to be fed after all.

I decided to see what these people’s God could do


Still, I was curious. I have problems like everyone else. The main one was that my husband still did not have a steady job. The war had shaken everything, and many people were out of work. With three children, a job was a necessity, so I decided to see what these people’s God could do.

The next Sunday I got my kids together and we went to church. I was careful at first, keeping them close, but soon they ran off to join the other kids and I stayed behind to listen to the sermon.

I’m still not sure how it happened, but the next thing I knew, I was walking forward to accept Jesus and was asking him to come into my life and into my family, and I truly meant it. The people there were so welcoming and loving that I couldn’t wait to come back!

A few days later my husband miraculously got a new job at the railroad. He’s still working there today.

Now, I invite everyone to listen to “Wounded by the War,” and I tell them my story and tell them about Jesus!

[Today Julia is an active member of the church and loves to tell people the Good News about Jesus.]

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Eastern Ukraine has suffered terribly over years of conflict.


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