Stay on Mission – The Parable of the Lost Sheep.

This devotional is a New Testament example of how God loves and pursues us. The scripture text is Luke 15:1-7, The Parable of the Lost Sheep. I invite you to read the verses first, and then consider the principles and prayer points for your life and mission today…

1. Jesus attracts imperfect people.

Those who gathered to actually listen, and hear the words of Jesus, were often those looked down on by the elite. Tax collectors and “sinners” indicates the kind of people who were well aware of their imperfection. Pray that people tune in to FEBC stations and hear how loved and accepted they are by God, no matter how inadequate they feel.

2. Jesus is relentless in searching for the lost.

The parable tells us that the shepherd goes after the lost sheep “until he finds it.” And he brings it home “when he finds it…” Not if he finds it. Those who have strayed away or been enticed away from life with God, can expect to be pursued by our unrelenting Lord. Pray that listeners respond positively to the programmes sooner rather than later.

3. Heaven rejoices when the lost return.

Joy is the hallmark of heaven, unlike muttering which is a hallmark of the self-righteous. Jesus calls the church to “Rejoice with me” when people repent and return to living faith and fellowship. Pray that FEBC listeners change their thinking because of the programmes, and that Christians joyfully participate in this ministry of announcing the good news and calling people to Christ.

Kia kaha, take courage,



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