Ukraine. A testimony of grief and gratitude.

Yana called our Counselling Service – Your support saved her.

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One of the great helps for the people of Ukraine alongside the FEBC radio network is our counselling ministry. This operation has doubled in size since the height of the Covid pandemic, and thousands of people, families and households are being helped by our faithful Christian counsellors.

It is true and sad to say that everyone on staff with FEBC has lost someone in this conflict – a friend, a relative, a minister. FEBC Ukraine serve from a place of constant pain and healing. One of the counsellors put it like this: “We are stronger now, we are used to losing friends, but we are not desencitised to the pain that our listeners are going through. We are right there with them, crying and sharing the hope we have.”

The following testimony is from Yana in Ukraine.

“I was going to jump off a bridge today, but someone stopped me and brought me home. So I decided to call you instead. My eighteen year old son volunteered for the war. Now he is missing presumed dead. I am racked with guilt, and even my mother blames me for letting him go. I am so alone and feel worthless.”

FEBC counsellors helped Yana by telling her about God’s great love for her and her worth in his sight. They helped her let go of the guilt she was feeling about her son’s disappearance. They prayed with her and helped her turn to God where she put her trust and faith in Jesus.

“I’ve never felt so much joy and relief! Thank you for talking and praying with me. I am actually thinking about the future again. I know I can continue living now.”

Many Ukrainians are seeking comfort in the church. Our broadcasts are comforting millions. [Photo credit: Aljazeera online]

For prayer points, and other specific information to inform your prayers and generosity, please visit our main Ukraine update page here.


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