Update from Eduard in Ukraine

Since the war in Ukraine began, FEBC has shared many updates from our Ukrainian broadcasting team. Now, over 2 years later, these ‘co-workers’ of yours are sharing updates on where they are now, what they have seen, and how they continue to share the good news during this unpredictable war. Here’s a first-hand account from Eduard K., Director of FEBC Ukraine (pictured above).

“Before the war started, we were broadcasting to our listeners through 7 FM stations across Ukraine, as well as online. We were travelling across the country, meeting with our listeners and forming listener clubs. This was a great time, and God was really blessing our ministry,” Eduard said.

“When the war began, those of us who lived in the east, near the Russian border, had to flee our homes. My family and I were on the road for three days straight because of all the cars trying to escape. We had no idea what was going to happen.

“We ended up staying with the family of one of our broadcasters on the other side of the country for over a month. In this time of struggle and fear, our team came together to help each other…”

Eduard’s home is still standing today, but there is evidence of war all around it. Eduard occasionally goes back to visit some FEBC staff who still live there, as well as visit his local church. Rockets are fired daily into the surrounding area. A few members of Eduard’s local church had just returned home with their young kids, when their house was hit by a missile and instantly killed all of them. There are still talks of an imminent invasion.

Just days ago Eduard sent this photo showing a missile strike on a building about one kilometer from the FEBC Kyiv station where he and the team work. (Pic. above)

How the war changed the ministry.

“As the war raged, three of our FM stations were taken off the air. We were able to get one back on the air, but one was destroyed and the other captured by Russian forces.

“While this was a difficult time, we never saw God’s hand with us more strongly. In the midst of the destruction, difficulties, fear, and pain, we were seeing God open doors we never thought we would see opened. 

“God opened the door for us to open three new stations, including a station in Kyiv, the capital city—which was a miracle! This was a long-time dream. We didn’t think it could ever happen, it was just too expensive. But we received a temporary license to broadcast under a war provision. 

“And the results have been amazing! Now, more listener responses come in from the station in Kyiv than from any other station in Ukraine. But this was only a temporary license, so we knew we could lose our ability to broadcast at any time.

“So we began praying for a permanent license. The Ukrainian government gave us an opportunity to present our case, and when we started sharing the results of the work, several of the authorities were in tears as they heard the listener responses to our programs.

“We were hoping to receive a 7-year license…instead, we received a 10-year license! This was, again, much more than we even dreamed! We now have the opportunity to reach the 5 million people in the greater Kyiv area with the Good News for the foreseeable future.”

How to pray for the ministry of FEBC Ukraine.

“We can see how God was with us every step of the way through this war so far. But that has not made things easy. My family had to move several times for safety. Sometimes I go for long periods without seeing them. Several of us are separated from our families. For me personally, this was the most difficult part of the war.

“Please pray for us as we continue to minister to the people of Ukraine as this war drags on. Also, pray for God to reach the people of Ukraine with the good news and to comfort them in the middle of their hurting. Please pray for God to bring an end to this war.”

Eduard K., Executive Director FEBC Ukraine.


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