91.4 Million are watching the radio!

How many mobile platforms is Eugene streaming on?

‘Visual Radio’ may sound like an oxymoron, but it is a real thing. Many younger people like to see the broadcasters in the studio and FEBC has millions of visual radio listeners around the world, and that number is growing.

Visual radio is just another way that people can tune-in to Christian outreach broadcasting. It is definitely not television. Our stations that offer visual links are not producing video shows.  The announcers are simply doing their job knowing that many people are looking as well as listening.

Visual radio uses Apps like Facebook Live, YouTube, Periscope, WhatsApp, Instagram, and regular FEBC websites streaming the programmes. It allows us to offer links, pictures, and added content to the screen. Viewers and listeners can click other resources like Bible studies, articles of interest, and websites.

Our Audience Interaction Report for 2020 reveals that various FEBC broadcasters attracted at least 91.4 million views. More and more FEBC studios are adding social media platforms with video all the time.

As technology advances and people access news and information in new ways, you and FEBC are ensuring that the good news of Jesus Christ is accessible to young and old everywhere.

“I have been watching these broadcasts every day. You have kept me alive.”

A listener in Ukraine
Day one of our new studio in Kyiv, Ukraine. Mobiles as well as microphones are now standard equipment in radio.
  • From the picture at the top, Eugene is streaming his radio programme on five mobile App platforms.


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