A confident widow, thanks to radio.

Duong Champa is 62 years old. She lives in Siem Reap and became a Christian by listening to Voice of Love Radio (FEBC Cambodia).

“Six months into our faith journey my husband passed away, but I still had a lot of responsibilities. As a widow who put her faith in God alone, I faced persecution. It seemed like an awful thunderstorm was raining down on me at times. I felt hated and ignored. I lost my hope.”

Hearing God’s word through the radio empowered Duong to stand strong in faith.

“The best part of my life is that He has made me sub-village head to oversee many villages according with the official rules. Meeting over 200 different families has been a wonderful and humbling experience. I share the gospel with them, tell them how to be saved. Six families have recently turned to God, including those who persecuted me in the past.”

Thank you Jesus for strengthening my confidence in you.” Mrs Champa with her radio tuned to the empowering ‘Voice of Love’ (FEBCambodia) (above right).

A communal society, families and friends gather for tea and listening to ‘Voice of Love’ Cambodia. Mrs Champa now visits many villages and households like this one.


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