Abdullah’s Story

There is a terrible civil war raging in Yemen. Since 2015 multiple factions have been tearing the nation apart. There are so many complicated political issues and players, it seems hard to get your head around. Northern Houthi Shia rebels are fighting the Southern Sunni majority army who are aligned with a Saudi coalition, plus Al Qaeda, and ISIS! They are all vying for control of the country, region by region. It’s hard to imagine a more dreadful situation.

But God is graciously at work, and genuine hope is being broadcast on the radio. This is Abdullah’s story (not his real name):

Abdullah contacted our media partners last year. He was raised in the local majority religion, but when his father died his mother married his uncle. Abdullah was mistreated, and hatred and bitterness grew within him. Not only did Abdullah hate his mother and uncle, he also hated himself and God. He had lost all hope.

I was outside looking after my uncle’s sheep, and as usual I was listening to the radio. I searched for some new music, but I found your programme. I was confused and also surprised. I have heard Yemeni people on the radio before, but these Yemenis believe in Jesus! I thought it must be the end of the world!

Abdullah was interested in the Christian programmes and tuned in every day to listen to his own familiar language explaining the very different Christian message.

“I felt something changing in me as I listened, something like hope. It made me put off my plans to kill my mother and uncle.”

One Thursday the programme topic was ‘Who we are in God’s eyes’, and why he created us, and what is our value and responsibilities? Abdullah says a fire exploded in his heart when the announcer said these words:

“Pray with me, it’s your life, your future, and the only hope comes from Jesus. He knows what you are going through and he wants to give you freedom and peace, and you will know who you are.”

Abdullah prayed for help in a loud voice. He began to cry, and soon felt a great weight lifted off him. His plans for revenge and murder dissolved, and his sense of worth and identity grew. Today, Abdullah is a growing follower of Jesus.

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead,…

1 Peter 1:3

Thank you for your support. This is what you make possible.

Yemen is one of the poorest and most religiously conservative nations in the world. The UN currently estimates that 2/3 of the population are food insecure. They describe the situation there as “the largest humanitarian crisis in the world.”

the largest humanitarian crisis in the world.

United Nations on the Yemen crisis.


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