Bible Society & FEBC side by side in China.

A recent project of ministry collaboration involved producing the Audio Bible in Mandarin and Cantonese in the Revised Chinese Union Version. This is available on YouVersion – one of the most popular Bible Apps in the world.

The Bible Society in Hong Kong worked with FEBC Hong Kong studios to produce an audio reading of the Bible. Users can simply listen, or read along with the text, as it highlights what is being spoken.

Chinese speakers can read and listen to the Word of God anywhere and anytime, in the car in traffic, or stuck at home quarantined during the Coronavirus outbreak.

“Having the Bible available to hear as well as read is hugely significant” says Matt Perry, Director of FEBC New Zealand. “People are different in the way they like to receive information. Many cultures are deeply accustomed to oral traditions and hearing their stories delivered by voice. By working together with the Bible Society we are able to provide top quality audio of the best Bible resources available. It’s a great step forward for the peoples of China.”

On a trip to China Matt was amazed at the broad use of mobile phones for reading and listening. “Everywhere we went, from large cities to rural towns, everyone appeared to be connected to their devices. The vast majority of people on public transport were reading or listening to something.”

The word – to be seen and heard.

Eugene Peterson once said the written word is a “dehydrated” form of the spoken word. Words on paper or screens are two-dimensional and lacking their interpersonal fullness. When it is spoken out, and importantly, when it is heard, words are animated by a living voice and enlivened by inflection, emotion and tone.

What we are looking for in reading the Bible is the ability to turn the two-dimensional words on paper into a three-dimensional encounter with God.”

Adam McHugh quoting Scot McKnight in “The Listening Life.”
Over 270 million people have downloaded this App.

This collaboration project is just one of many where FEBC stations work together with like-minded ministries to promote engagement with the Word of God, and engagement with God’s people.


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