Brother Si’s Story

Brother Si was part of a small struggling church in China with no trained leadership.

Actually no one nurtured us or taught the Bible, and many times the scriptures were misinterpreted.

One day someone bought a radio and stumbled across FEBC. Then they tuned-in to ‘Village Bible College’ as it was called. 

FEBC has been broadcasting special Bible College by Media courses since 1982. Known as Liangyou Theological Seminary, this distance school has prepared thousands of Chinese Christians for lay ministry, full time ministry, and church planting over the years.

“We were so enriched by these programmes, in our daily lives and in our ministries. Finally, we were helped.”

In 2007 brother Si heard that FEBC staff were visiting his region, so he eagerly filled in an application form and rushed to meet the team.

After I enrolled, I went to the computer store every few days to check my emails for a reply. One month passed by, and it arrived. I’m a Bible College student at last! Praise God. I was so thrilled that I read the email over and over again.

Initially brother Si recorded the lessons from the radio to share them with friends in church, but then he learned he could download the teaching from the website. He saved up and bought his “most prized appliance” – a computer.

“Today there are dozens of people in our church who are graduates of FEBC Bible College, and more are studying. FEBC is ideal for our people. Teachers use everyday words, and deep concepts are now understandable. We don’t need to travel away to Bible College, but can study while we work. Praise God!”

* People’s pictures and names are changed for privacy and security reasons.


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