FamilyFM changes families.

FEBC Cambodia builds faith in families, on FamilyFM 99.5 *

Cambodia has been hearing the good news of God on the radio since 1953. In 2022 the programmes continue to reach thousands in the Khmer language, young and old, like Mr Chea. Before hearing the gospel explained and applied to life on FEBC Family FM, Mr Chea was a devoted persecutor of Christians!

“I always persecuted believers. I never knew the word ‘defeat’ and I obeyed no one.’

When Chea’s life became sad and difficult he says surprisingly “those whom I persecuted came to pray and encourage me. They introduced me to programmes on Krusa FM (Family FM), and comfort and love changed my life to seek God.”

Eventually Chea turned to Jesus Christ and now serves his village alongside the other believers.

Listeners across Cambodia can hear FEBC on FM, shortwave, and internet radio. Programmes also stream on YouTube and Facebook where people interact with the staff. Your support of FEBC New Zealand is helping Khmer people overcome ‘sad and difficult’ situations and experience the ‘comfort and love’ of God.

Like many broadcasters around the world, Cambodia staff have learned to host their programmes from home.

* Pictures and names are usually changed for privacy & security.


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