From Muslim teacher to Christian broadcaster.

Saladin had been a Muslim for 38 years. But late one night in Malawi, Africa, while kneeling down for his nightly prayers to Allah, Saladin saw a vision that changed his life.

“As I was on my knees, I saw a multitude of Muslims who were weeping, and I saw my brother, my uncle and other relatives. They were filled with sorrow. They were crying, saying, “Saladin, rescue us!” Saladin was confused. Since he was also a Muslim, he didn’t know what they needed rescuing from. But as he continued to pray, Christ appeared to him, and convinced him of the truth – Jesus is Lord and God! He woke up and wrote down what he’d just seen. Shortly thereafter he turned his life to follow Jesus, leaving Islam to become a Christian.

Before accepting Christ, Saladin was the secretary of the Muslim council in eastern Malawi, and the vice president of the Muslim Teachers Union. As a Christian, he stepped down from these positions and immediately faced persecution.

After I accepted Jesus Christ, I was rejected by my family and treated as an outcast.


“After I accepted Jesus Christ, I was rejected by my family and treated as an outcast. The Muslim Teachers Union told me I was going to be killed according to Sharia law. Some sheikhs (elders) convened a meeting to plan my assassination, but I told them that I wasn’t there to attack them, I was there to preach about the living Jesus, the one true, living God.”

After being a Christian for a while, Saladin reached out to others for more Christian teachings. He met Amos Siyabu, the director of FEBC Malawi. Amos supported Saladin significantly. He gave him an audio Bible and a radio, so he could tune in to FEBC Malawi’s broadcasts. Now, when Saladin meets with people, he uses the radio and the audio Bible to share with them that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.

Saladin is the leader of over 200 radio listener clubs, an organized network of small groups who meet and tune in to FEBC programmes together. This is a key part of the ministry in his overwhelmingly Muslim region of Malawi. He continues to boldly proclaim the Gospel wherever he goes, despite the persecution he faces.

One of more than 1,300 Listener Clubs across Malawi. Gathering together to listen to the radio is a very popular way to learn and grow.

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