God called me to serve…

Dear LTS,*

…  God called me to serve Him, but I was inadequate in many areas. I needed training and growth but my own reading led to little improvement. With my pastor’s encouragement I enrolled in Liangyou Theological Seminary. Thanks to you my faulty ideas were corrected, and my blind spots were exposed. My teacher’s instructions benefited me greatly, and my heart is full of joy.

Since I was working at the same time, it was hard to squeeze time to take courses so I listened to my classes on the way to work. An eager friend challenged me and said “Time must be squeezed out for learning!” Her words touched me because I had time for TV and the internet, but not for study. God intervened and disciplined me helping me understand and practice godliness and overcome my weaknesses with prayer, trust, and learning.

The courses from LTS have helped me greatly, and I know that this is just the beginning.

Brother Feng. China.

* [LTS is Liangyou Theological Seminary, FEBC’s Bible College by media in China.  You can read more about Liangyou and sponsor Bible college students here.]


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