Japan Shaken But Radio Builds Up

In the aftermath of Japan’s 7.3 magnitude quake, FEBC is bringing comfort to many.

The recent quake in Kyushu damaged many structures even though this nation is used to earthquakes and the building codes are very robust. One pastor friend of FEBC in Yufuin Church near Kumamoto, said: “Our 40 year old church building is no good for use at present. I need courage to go back to the manse, which is above the church, because we have many aftershocks. Still better than sleeping outside!”

Courtesy of BBC
Courtesy of BBC

Another pastor, Rev. Hiroshi Sumimoto, blogged to his fellowship – “Let us attend our worship service through FEBC.” Kuwamizu Church is near the center of Kuwamoto city and their building is also unusable now.

It remains too dangerous to meet inside.
It remains too dangerous to meet inside.

FEBC regularly visits churches and records their worship services to play on-air and broadcast to the many listeners who have never met a real Christian or set foot inside a Christian gathering. Interviewing pastors is another way to introduce some of Japan’s 120+ million Shinto and Buddhist population (97%) to genuine followers of Jesus.

As part of this approach FEBC had recently recorded a worship service at Kuwamizu church, and so when the latest earthquakes struck Pastor Sumimoto sent people to their radios for worship and teaching on Sunday 17th April.

Pastor Sumimoto already uses an FEBC link on his blog.

Please pray for Japan, for the church, and for FEBC’s broadcasts during these challenging weeks of recovery. Many people look for answers to life’s biggest questions during times like this. Pray for healing and recovery for the land, the people, and for hearts.

Japanese Listeners in NZ Can Tune-In

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