Easter Treasures 2019

The events of the next few days are truly stunning – Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday. We at FEBC New Zealand wish you a very special Holy Week and a happy weekend.

As you go into the remembrance and celebrations this Easter, I hope you are encouraged with what you’re supporting: Life-giving Easter programmes on-air in 49 countries and throughout the world on the internet. 124 languages with a total of 824 hours of broadcasting every day!

Also,  remember what we have read, thought and prayed for the nations over the last 7 weeks as we’ve reflected on the Parable of the Treasure and the Pearl:

  • The kingdom of heaven really is like treasure hidden in a field, and a merchant who finds a fine pearl. It’s the most wonderful and valuable thing we can ever know.
  • It’s like finding treasure, and like finding a fine pearl, but it’s better than both of these discoveries.
  • It’s worth rearranging everything else we value in order to hang on to it.
  • It’s worth more than the cost of discipleship, whatever that turns out to be.
  • It draws us with joy, and we pursue it because it is a delight to belong to God.
  • In a way the kingdom is hidden, and yet it is out in the open for all to see and gain.
  • Anyone who really wants it will find it.
  • Jesus Christ redeemed humankind at the cost of His life, by His blood, and people can belong to Him by faith, believing in His life, death, and resurrection.

Be encouraged as you encourage faith among the nations. Our Easter Appeal for Persecuted Minorities in Southeast Asia is still receiving funds for –

  1. radio distribution and MP3 speakerbox ministry;
  2. programme production;
  3. broadcasting and digital card distribution to remote peoples.

God bless,

Matt Perry


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