Nepal Quake Update #6

Disaster Response Radio is different to regular programming. Mike Adams and his team spent several days training the local media in Rasuwa (north central Nepal) to broadcast the critical information that people need, and in segments that help people the most. Announcing important news from the government, aid agencies, and local people all helps to keep people informed and hopeful as they try to recover. Mixing vital information along side easier listening messages is important, as is letting people share their experiences and encourage each other to keep going.

Communication is aid, and without it people don’t know where to go for help, food and medical supplies. They don’t know what to expect next, and they can make dangerous ill-informed decisions. In emergencies like this broadcasting seemingly simple tips on cooking, hygiene, keeping warm and first aid can save many lives. Traumatised people need compassionate voices to inspire them through.

Mike Adams trains Nepali broadcasters in emergency programming.
Mike Adams trains Nepali broadcasters in emergency programming.

Thank you for your prayers and donations. Please continue to pray for the numerous stations who are now on-air and providing vital information; for power supplies, generators and technology to work well and serve the nation as is so very needed; and for the people, the listeners across the nation whose lives have been turned upside down and who need loving voices to guide them through their recovery. Please visit our secure donations page to give a special gift.



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