FEBC New Zealand Office Update

Dear FEBC friends,

Strangely I’m writing to you from my home where my new temporary FEBC office is taking shape. My dedicated team of Cassandra James, Caz Wilson, and Owen Gabbie are also set up with home offices to continue to serve you with news of the many radio stations you support. Those stations are themselves facing the threat of the Covid-19 coronavirus, and operating carefully around lockdown restrictions as ‘essential media outlets.’

A call of support.

My team and I want you to know that we are praying for you and thinking of our fellow Kiwis confined to home as New Zealand locks down and confronts the spread of this virus. If you are alone and would like someone to call you and check in with you, we would be very happy to do that, and if there is anything we can do to support your lockdown season, please let us now. In the meantime, we plan to deliver the same encouraging news of the genuine difference you are making by supporting Christian media.

For a call of support, please email Caz at office@febc.nz Please include your phone number, and we will call you as soon as we are able. Or you can freephone us on 0800 433 226.

FEBC Office Hours.

FEBC New Zealand is keeping to our normal office hours of Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Our phones are diverted and we are happy to hear from you.

Mail, Donations, Contact.

NZ Post are doing their best to keep up deliveries, and the banks are also endeavouring to continue. This means we can send you news, and we can receive and process your donations during lockdown. We are so grateful for your generous support. Our stations are on the front lines delivering information, comfort, and the hope of the gospel. I can honestly tell you that this bizarre global event is driving huge growth in radio listenership. I will report on this separately, but FEBC international almost certainly has more listeners today than ever before in history. We need your support like never before. Please pray for our programme producers and staff to work safely and wisely, and keep the broadcasts on-air.

A good time to study, journal, and jot.

Today Devotional Notebook will encourage your heart and your writing.

How will you be using your time during lockdown? If you think you might listen to more podcasts, read and study more, or perhaps journal your days at home, I’d like to offer you our Today devotional notebook for a donation of any amount. A quality paper notebook with over 100 lined pages for capturing and developing your thoughts and ideas, with a handful of encouraging devotional messages from mission leaders around the world.

To order your Today Notebook, please call us on 0800 433 226, or email todaynotebook@febc.nz

The Apostle Paul under house arrest. Sound familiar?

Finally friends, I encourage you in these strange days to continue to turn to God and His Word. My staff team have been pondering Philippians 4:4-9 as we’ve prayed for FEBC stations and for you over the last two weeks especially…

Consider these beautiful truths as you have some time this week:

  • The Apostle Paul was writing to the Philippians from house arrest. Possibly chained, but definitely confined to a house in Rome.
  • He wrote to thank the Philippian Christians for supporting the spread of the Gospel.
  • He encouraged them with a model of how to enjoy the Peace of God, from the God of Peace: Bring your worshipful prayer and your requests to God, wrapped in thankfulness for His provision already. Remember that Jesus is coming back, and God is with you.

On that note I wish you a safe and happy lockdown. My staff and I pray you will experience God in new and wonderful ways. We will continue to keep you up to date with the ministry you support. Remember, if you would like a call of support just email our office.

God bless, Matt (& Cassandra, Caz, & Owen.)

PS. The best site for Kiwis for information on Covid-19 is the New Zealand government’s official site here. And if you feel unwell and suspect the flu, please call the official Healthline on 0800 358 5453


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