Prisoners find freedom.

Several FEBC stations offer Bible Correspondence Courses to listeners. In Thailand the majority of our BCC students are actually in prison. Several programmes especially encourage them to grow, and prepare for their new life after release. Here is a letter from an honest and repentant listener, Ms N, serving a 35 year sentence in a Bangkok prison!

“I made bad mistakes in my life and ruined it all. I chose the path for myself, by myself, without obeying my parents. I thought I would do it myself but I messed it all up.

Now when I am studying the way of God I have new hope and I trust that I will be able to meet up again with my 2 children. They are 25 and 18. I have never been able to care for them, or hear them say “Mother.” But I fasted and prayed, and I received news of my youngest.

Please pray that I receive news of my oldest son.

I am six years through my sentence. I came to know FEBC in here and this has given me hope for my future. I pray and ask the Lord to protect those I love, and that I would be able to see them somehow even though my sentence is 35 years.”

Ms N is 6 years in to a 35 year sentence, but she has hope.

Please pray for FEBC listeners like Ms N, that their discipleship behind bars is a genuine reformation, and that others see and put their trust in the God of grace and forgiveness.


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