Each season Matt Perry writes a short biblical insight that gives us prayer ideas for our FEBC listeners around the world. They are designed to be short and sweet, and inspire biblical prayers for anyone anywhere.

This season’s scripture is Matthew 5:1-2 (- 9:38)

“The crowds. Who’s listening.”

Early in the Sermon on the Mount we’re told that Jesus taught, preached and healed people from all around the region we know today as Jordan, Israel and Syria. The teaching and preaching was possibly the most incredible call to spiritual and ethical goodness ever spoken. People were amazed at his refreshing and authoritative message.

Notice who Jesus spoke to, and who was listening. 5:1 says Jesus “saw the crowds,”  5:2 says he taught his “disciples.” Jesus taught his closest followers while large crowds of various people listened in. These crowds were a vast mixture of Jews and Greeks with all sorts of religious and worldly ideas, and yet there they were hearing about the highest standards of righteousness in the world! (5:3-12,20 etc)

Many FEBC listeners are just like the crowds, listening in from a safe distance, hearing incredible truths. Please pray that listeners would:

  • be amazed at the fresh thinking of Christianity,
  • be awestruck by its authoritative messages,
  • be thrilled and convinced to stay tuned,
  • stay connected with other seekers and disciples,
  • realise their spiritual poverty and enter the Kingdom of Heaven (5:3)
  • & that the harassed and helpless would follow Jesus, the good shepherd (9:36)

Take courage, Matt.


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