“We believed in Buddha and Shaman”

“My wife and I have a son and a daughter. We believed in Buddha and Shaman, and we started to listen to WindFM 104.0 (Mongolia). We have been listening since it began.  

Firstly we liked to listen to the melody. Then we started to listen to the family targeted programmes. The content encouraged us and our family in daily life and communication. But we did not listen to the Biblical programmes because those Christian things were incompatible with our religions. So we turned the radio off when biblical programmes were broadcast. Before long the radio was turned on night and day by our son. Because he kept turning it on our mind and heart were affected by Biblical words and a man’s preaching Through the Bible.

So our family felt better and became greater than before. We all together accepted Him as our Savior, and now we attend a church called “Salvation House” here in Erdenet city.”


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