You left me behind!

Dear Friends at FEBC,

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I live in a very small room and sometimes I feel lonely and sometimes sad. It is great that I still have God’s books to read and that helps encourage my heart. The books have good content. Recently I went to visit my daughter in another province and I took the book “The Prince of Peace” with me (Luke’s Gospel gifted freely since last Christmastime – Ed). I have prayed and asked the Lord for something good. I found my daughter! She is pretty and has a good nature and I also met my grandson and granddaughter too! My daughter was so happy that she was meeting her Father and she fell to the ground at my feet and greeted me.

I am a person who doesn’t cry and as a man I don’t shed tears, but …

I volunteered to be a soldier to the southern border area when she was just over a year old and I never went back home again. My daughter didn’t speak but cried and cried and then she said “Father you left me, Father you left me behind.” I am a person who doesn’t cry and as a man I don’t shed tears, but my tears came without me even knowing and I couldn’t stop. I want to thank God, Jesus that he helped me meet my daughter. I have little education and it’s difficult for me to write. I listen to the program “Heart Friend” every day unless I might be out of my room. May all of you have happiness and health of heart and body.

Second Lieutenant A. (A listener who came to know Jesus Christ through FEBC and he shares the joy of answered prayer).

To read more about supporting Ethnic Minority peoples in Southeast Asia, click here. Thank you.


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