Boating In Phnom Penh!

Have you ever wondered why Jesus sometimes got into a boat to talk to a crowd? Even though I think it would be cool if he really just likes boats, the reality is it had a greater purpose than simply satisfying a ‘men like to muck around in boats’ kind of feeling.

Radio engineers love making signals strong and clear.
Radio engineers love making signals strong and clear.

Funnily enough, Jesus got into boats for the same reason that we upgrade transmitters. To be heard more clearly and by more people.

Well thanks to people like you, we’ve “pushed the boat out” a lot in Cambodia. FEBC has been broadcasting in to Cambodia since 1957 (using shortwave), and in 2002 our first FM station was established – Family FM. The signals have been ok and millions have heard lots about Jesus’ good and beautiful life, and have been filled with hope. But as the years went by the machinery deteriorated and the signal became weak.

But this is the latest news from  Family FM in Phnom Penh.

“ The best news came today when we met several Cambodian partners who were all asking what happened with our station “We can hear the broadcast so clear from so far away” Praise God the signal is so strong and has so much more range than before! The stereo light came on as we listened in the van and Sopheary could even hear at her home for the first time!!!”

Thank you for supporting Christian radio in Cambodia and all over Asia. You help “push the boat out”, and that’s a wonderful thing for a landlocked city of more than 2 million people !


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