FEBC Announcer Stunned to Silence!

Russian Ministries Director Victor Akhterov shared recently of how a caller in Russia stunned him into silence with her challenging question.

Victor was speaking about the philosophical reasons for believing in God. He went on to describe the difficult moments and the surprising responses that followed.

(Victor Akhterov) Being lost for words is not good on the radio!
(Victor Akhterov) Being lost for words is not good on the radio!

“This woman calls me and says: ‘You keep talking about this wonderful God who loves us, who is there for us, who knows all about our needs. It sounds so great but – you know what? – my husband left me three weeks ago and I cannot go out of the apartment because I have a little daughter who has Down syndrome, and I cannot leave her. I lost my job because of this. And you’re telling me that there’s a loving God. Why doesn’t he come to my little apartment and see how real it is?’ – and she just hung up.

“What do you say to that, you know? So I was just silent for a second, which is not a good thing for radio, but people started to call in and offer help. They offered to babysit and take care of her daughter and to enrol her in a programme in a church and to pick them up if necessary. It was such an outpouring of Christian love, such a great example of where God is – he’s right there, he’s in us and is working through us.”

The caller is now in church and her daughter is enrolled in a programme for disabled kids.

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