Hello From Seoul. Christian Defector Broadcasts Good News To The North.

Kim Chung-seong, a North Korean defector and a Christian missionary, broadcasts from a radio station in Seoul, South Korea.

For an hour each day, Kim Chung-seong, a defector from North Korea and a Christian missionary, takes to the microphone in a small Seoul studio.

At 1 am, his show ‘Hello from Seoul, the Republic of Korea’ sends a mix of gospel music and news into North Korea, defying the isolated state’s efforts to keep its people in the dark about the world, religion and the truth about its leaders.

“Brothers and sisters in the North, I hope this time can be a moment of prayer for a miracle that every party member of North Korea at the party congress can meet God, not take a further step into the cult of personality,” Kim said.

He was referring to the meeting of the North’s ruling Workers’ Party this month, where young leader Kim Jong Un was unanimously elevated to party chairman.

“I am desperately praying that North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and all administrators under him kneel down in front of God and repent for their sins, leave the path of tormenting their people,” Kim, who came to the South in 2004, said in his studio at the Far East Broadcasting Company.

[This article was first published in Christianity Today, 31st May 2016. Click here to read the whole story.]


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