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Nepal Quake Update #3

May 1, 2015 Posted in Emergencies, Featured by Matthew Perry

Our partner First Response Radio is actively working with the humanitarian community in Nepal to serve the people and provide the best communication aid possible. Thankfully numerous radio stations survived the quake so there are active frequencies available for First Response Radio broadcasting. In situations like this First Response Radio provides: programming leadership, on-the-spot training…

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Nepal Quake Update #2

April 29, 2015 Posted in Emergencies, Featured by Matthew Perry

Thank you for your inquiries and concern for Nepal. On behalf of our station partners, First Response Radio network, and the humanitarian community, we offer the following prayer points for your engagement. Please pray: That the aftershocks will subside; That the weather will calm and survivors will be guided to shelter and provisions; For the…

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Nepal Quake Update

April 29, 2015 Posted in Featured by Matthew Perry

*** News on Nepal Quake*** News from Nepal is slowly coming out. The situation is devastating and we call on all our friends and partners to pray. Right now our staff outside Nepal are coordinating with the humanitarian aid community to ensure the most cooperative response possible. FEBC’s partner ministry First Response Radio is established…

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Boating In Phnom Penh!

February 13, 2015 Posted in Featured, Nations by Matthew Perry

Have you ever wondered why Jesus sometimes got into a boat to talk to a crowd? Even though I think it would be cool if he really just likes boats, the reality is it had a greater purpose than simply satisfying a ‘men like to muck around in boats’ kind of feeling.

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